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Canned Motor Pump Advantages – Safety Meets Efficiency

In Process Industries, there is an outstanding need for environmental safety at a reasonable cost, which creates a unique challenge. Companies must find and use reliable, efficient equipment that operates leak-free. Canned motor pumps designed […]

Grindex Quarry Water Sump Pump

Grindex Pumps Quarry Sump Water Case Study

Originally published on Grindex.com Whatever the conditions, you can rely on a Grindex pump to keep performing Illinois isn’t exactly renowned for it’s placid weather conditions. The state often experiences snow storms that last for […]

Industrial Mixing Reynolds Number

Industrial Mixing Basics: What is Reynolds Number?

Industrial Mixing Basic: What is Reynolds Number was originally Published by ProQuip – In The Mix by Dave Grutzmacher   Reynolds number is a basic principle of fluid mechanics and plays a prominent role in […]

BJM Pumps

Vendor Feature: BJM Pumps

This months pump focus is on BJM Pump’s line of Heavy Duty Submersible Sand, Sludge and Slurry Pumps. KZE Series – Submersible slurry pump  of high capacity hard metal HAZ series – MSHA approved permissible […]


Vendor Feature: Aurora Pumps

This month, we are featuring Aurora Pumps, a multi-billion-dollar company that creates and sells many different styles of pumps.  At Kerr,  we specialize in these liquid pumps from Aurora.  Their Horizontal  410 series are Split Case […]

Alfa Laval Heat Exchangers on Pump Skid - expandable if system needs grow

Vendor Feature: Heat Exchangers: Alfa Laval

This month,  we are featuring Alfa Laval, the largest heat exchanger manufacturer in the world.  Alfa Laval has many different types of products but we will focus on heat exchangers, specifically gasket plated and frame […]

Corken compressor

Kerr Now Authorized Distributor for Corken Compressors & Pumps

Kerr is an authorized distributor for Corken Compressors &  Corken Pumps, bypass valves, and accessories.  Corken specializes in custom compressor packaging and pump skids designed for liquefied gas transfer, liquid transfer, air boosting, and vapor recovery […]


Chemical Pumps – ChemPump Recommendation

Teikoku Chempump’s G Series canned motor pump has been the workhorse of the North American sealless pump industry for over 40 years. G Series pumps feature automatic hydraulic thrust balance, replaceable thrust surface design, direction […]

Viking Pump XPD676

Chemical Pump – Viking Pump Recommendations

Viking Pumps are used throughout the chemical processing industry, from refineries and gas processing plants to basic chemical plants to polymer processing to end use product manufacturing.   The chemical industry encompasses such a broad range […]