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Busch R5 plus

Featured Product – Busch NEW R5 PLUS – for Industry 4.0

This month we are featuring a new product from Busch Vacuum Solutions.  Their NEW R5 PLUS is a connected Industry 4.0 solution with advanced control and monitoring functionalities on our proven Rotary Vane technology.

Connected Rotary Vane Pump Features

  • Variable speed drive means a large pumping speed range.
  • Large high-definition color screen displays power consumption, oil temperature as well as inlet and outlet pressure curves which means they can be easily monitored and managed.  In addition, oil level and motor frequency are always in view.
  • All relevant parameters can be adjusted and monitored allowing a perfect match to every process.
  • An integrated variable speed drive allows adjustments of the motor frequency from 35 to 60 Hz. This leads to energy savings of up to 50% compared to unregulated vacuum pumps.
  • Different operating modes ensure that R 5 PLUS series vacuum pumps always run in optimum operating condition.
  • In combination with the intelligent pressure control, ECO mode settings and the auto restart function further energy and cost savings are possible.
  • The R 5 PLUS has an integrated week planner, which allows to program the operating time of the R 5 PLUS day by day. The week planner can be accessed on the large high-definition color screen.
  • The condition of the components, the event history and the running hours are recorded permanently, so the required maintenance intervals can be longer.
  • Data can be accessed directly on the built-in display or transferred via a Modbus TCP/IP client/server protocol.
  • Remote control of the vacuum pump is possible.
  • Warning and alarm thresholds are predefined for all relevant parameters, so the safety of the process and the vacuum pump is always ensured. Warnings and alarms can be programmed for example if the oil temperature exceeds a certain level.Busch R5 plus

Two Operating Modes

Users can choose between constant speed mode or pressure control mode, making the vacuum pump exceptionally energy-efficient.

Constant speed mode:
For processes with constant vacuum demand, it is recommended to leave the R 5 PLUS running at constant speed.

Pressure control mode:
For processes with changing vacuum demand over time, the pressure control mode is the ideal choice. In this case the R 5 PLUS adjusts the rotational speed according to the required vacuum level. Once this vacuum level has been achieved, the R 5 PLUS continues to run at a minimum speed, enabling it to respond to a sudden need for increased vacuum demand and leading to further energy savings.