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Hayward Gordon Pumps & Mixers

hayward-gordon-logoKerr supplies pumping and mixing solutions from Hayward Gordon, Scott Turbon and Sharpe Mixer brands for the Michigan municipal markets.   As the Michigan representative for Canadian-based Hayward Gordon, Kerr Pump & Supply is perfectly positioned to meet the challenges and demanding needs of your process requirements.

Waste Water Pump Products

For over 60 years Hayward Gordon solids handling pumps have efficiently handled treatment plant solids. Hayward Gordon pumps can transfer or chop solids in your fluid streams to eliminate clogged pumps, pipes and valves.  Hard metal, abrasion resistant designs in High Chrome or Ni-Hard provide long service life.

The XCS screw centrifugal pump, CHOPX Chopper, Torus Recessed Impeller and SmartFlex peristaltic, non-clogging, solids handling pumps are individually designed to handle each step in the wastewater treatment process.

XCS screw centrifugal pump

The XCS pump handles thick sludges, abrasive slurries, large or stringy solids, shear sensitive fluids and delicate materials. The open channel impeller combines gentle, clog-free operation with high efficiency and non overloading characteristics.




CHOPX Chopper

The CHOPX chopper pump handles both chopping and cutting, which helps prevent clogging.  They reduce solids content and protect equipment further down the process line.  No need for a separate grinder.




Torus Recessed Impeller

The Torus handles solids up to 8″ diameter and handle highly abrasive liquids due to it’s protected casing.   Clean fluids capable (stainless steel or cast iron).



Ideal for sampling, feeding filter membrane, metering of chemicals and products with solids in suspension. Peristaltic Pumps will not vapor lock, can be run dry, and do not require any lubricant.  They are an ideal alternative to diaphragm pumps with ball check valve problems or expensive progressive cavity pumps.



Water Treatment Products

Reliable in tank mixing of wastewater optimizes plant efficiency. Proper mixing plays a big role in the efficiency of your treatment plant and our mixing systems  ensure proper contact and turnover to improve process results.

Hayward Gordon Products range from flash mixing to flocculation to sludge mixing.  In addition to the pumps mentioned above,  Hayward Gordon also offers:

Submersible Pumps

Hayward Gordon submersible pumps handle applications from severe to the most delicate.  Ideal for trouble free operation for sludge, scum pits and grit.






Dynamic Inline Mixers

Hayward Gordon Dynamic Inline Mixer ensures that any chemicals are uniformly dispersed throughout the process. Save space with their small footprint and no need for a conventional tank, top entry mixer and associated mixer support structure.




Mixer for anaerobic digesters and sludge holding tanks within the wastewater treatment industry. It is typically installed in such tanks utilizing a piping configuration consisting of Hayward Gordon’s solids handling (XCS, CHOPX , XR) centrifugal pumps, nozzle assemblies, system feed and suction piping.




Sharpe Mixers

Sharpe Mixers was founded in 1953 and was acquired by Hayward Gordon for their extensive experience, application knowledge and wide range of mixer designs. The Seattle manufacturing facility has doubled in size and updated with all new CNC machines, overhead cranes, paint booth and manufacturing systems.

Sharpe’s M5 Portable and F-Series mixer lines are continually improved so they are always the best value, smallest, highest quality mixers in the industry. 



Scott Turbon Mixer

Scott Turbon Mixers have been manufacturing stainless steel high shear mixers and complete turnkey mixing systems for over 35 years. Scott Turbon Top Mounted Mixers are designed to rapidly disperse, dissolve, hydrate, and de-agglomerate processes.




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