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Spirac Solids Handling Solutions

Kerr Pump & Supply is the SPIRAC distributor stocking products for the wastewater industry in the state of Michigan. SPIRAC manufactures purpose-built wastewater solutions for municipal and industrial applications throughout the world. SPIRAC is widely known for their shaft-less screw conveying technology, as well as screening, dewatering, compacting, storing and transport products for wastewater handling.

Kerr partners with SPIRAC for their longstanding expertise in the wastewater industry spanning over 50 years. Their flagship spiral or shaft-less conveyor was developed to make reliable conveyors for applications where conventional conveying failed. Over the years, SPIRAC has continually improved the original designs and added complementary wastewater products to their portfolio.

SPIRAC remains at the forefront of wastewater technology, focused on the challenge of helping the wastewater industry develop sustainable forward-looking solutions. The increasing environmental responsibilities faced by wastewater facilities, manufacturing and processing plants require ongoing development of specialized products and deep understanding of their applications.

As a SPIRAC distributor, Kerr Pump & Supply can quickly ship your SPIRAC order or help you select the wastewater products that fit your needs.

Kerr is the SPIRAC distributor in Michigan for the following SPIRAC screenings, grit and sludge solutions:

Solids Removal Fine Screens

Fine screens are necessary for efficient solids removal, so they are the first step in operations at a wastewater treatment plant. Through the screening process, large non-biodegradable solids that can impair operation at a wastewater works can be removed. Screening is designed to handle solids like rags, papers, plastics, latex, cans, containers and wood. Removing these solids protects the downstream plant and prevents damage, unnecessary wear tear, and pipe blockages that impede wastewater treatment.

A FINEGUARD moving fine screen is used to remove both floating and submerged debris by moving panels from the screening zone in front of the screen to the cleaning mechanism where the waste is removed. When installed in inlet works downstream from a coarse screen or bar screens, this moving fine screen prevents clogging and damage to components further downstream.

The design features two-stage cleaning of screen media with both a rotating self-adjusting brush and water jets that function with a low volume of wash water. This fine screen can be customized for specific wastewater applications, and dual speed or variable speed options are available for high screening volumes.

Horizontal/Inclined Spiral Conveyors

Shaftless spiral conveyors provide cost and operational advantages over alternate methods of screening and transport. SPIROLINE® conveyors feature an enclosed trough with a low RPM shaftless spiral riding on a special low friction, durable trough liner. The elimination of the central shaft used by conventional conveyors means shaftless spiral conveyors provide a higher fill rate and greater conveying efficiency, which translates to reduced wear and power consumption.

Shaftless spiral conveyers are specially designed for difficult to handle materials like municipal dewatered sludge and wastewater screenings. The direct-drive design allows clean and efficient conveying without the maintenance that belt and chain drives require.

There are no intermediate or end bearings, which also reduces maintenance, and materials can be directly transferred into another conveyor horizontally, vertically, or up an incline.

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