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How are Retread Tires made with Vacuum Pumps?

High quality retread tires help  the environment through tire recycling.   Cold vulcanization under vacuum is one of the most important steps in the retreading process to attain the highest quality performance and achieve the most […]

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5 Elements of Efficiency in Vacuum Pump Technology

 In vacuum pump technology, how do you get the best possible result with the least possible effort? By considering the five elements of efficiency, significant savings can be achieved by implementing the right strategy. Vacuum […]

NEW – Argal Pumps

Kerr Pump & Supply now offers  ARGAL® Pumps.    Key points about Argal Pumps:  Argal centrifugal and diaphragm pumps are available in thermoplastic material, compounds and corrosion-resistant metal alloys. Argal Pumps are a great fit […]

Kerr Pump supports Toys for Tots

      Kerr Pump & Supply has been supporting Toys for Tots for several years now.  Employees love seeing the boxes overflowing! Support a charity this year!

Milton Roy Pump - Prime Royal

NEW – Milton Roy Metering Pumps

Kerr Pump & Supply is proud to introduce Milton Roy, a new line of metering pumps, process pumps and mixers. Milton Roy pumps are highly reliable some lasting over 30 years.   Benefits include extended […]


How to Stop Wastewater Pump Clogs

Kerr Pump & Supply can help you eliminate Wastewater pump clog problems with the innovative Deragger Pump Monitoring System.  The Deragger+ controls the pump operations so it can dislodge rags stuck inside using a series […]


Water System Legionella Risk Solved!

Water System Legionella Prevention keeping you up at night?  Delta’s NEW Anti-Microbial Cooling Tower Shell is designed to resist Legionella growth in water systems.  According to Delta, test results from Special Pathogens Laboratory, The Legionella […]