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Tuthill Feature: PD Plus 5500

Tuthill recently published this article featuring their PD Plus 5500. The video talks about  some key design features of the PD Plus 3200 through 5500 blower with a lip/labyrinth seal configuration.

One of the best things that you get when you purchase a Tuthill blower is the quality level.  With proper care, lubrication, and maintenance, a Tuthill blower will live a long life.

Outside of common wear items like gears, bearings, and seals, making sure that you are up to date on maintenance can prevent a loss of performance or a catastrophic failure of the blower.

Here are a couple of tips that you can take to make sure that your blower is performing at optimum levels.

Belt Tension on Shaft

Make sure to inspect the keyway to ensure that they are straight and clean. Wearing of the key way indicates too much side load on the sheave.

Shaft Housing

Use a flat file to smooth the sealing surface of the cover and remove any metal burrs or old silicone. You can also use a bore polisher to clean out and polish the seal area.

For more assistance with your Tuthill Blower maintenance,  contact Kerr directly.

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