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Tuthill Feature: PD Plus 3200

In this article from Tuthill Expert’s Corner, we look at the biggest things that impact your PD Plus 3200 optimum efficiency. These problems can be uncovered by having a certified technician carefully inspect your Tuthill blower.

Shaft Seal

Ever wanted to replace the shaft seal on a PD Plus? Now you can! Check out our new video offered to customers to assist them in replacing the shaft seal on a PD Plus 3-5” blower with a mechanical seal configuration:

Gear Pitting

Gear pitting is one of the things that you need to look out when inspecting your blower. A thorough inspection can reveal that the gears on your blower are pitting because of an overhung load on the drive shaft or just a simple misalignment.


When you look at your blower, anytime that a gear or a rotor changes colors, one can assume that something is up.

Discoloration of your gears or rotors could signal problems of overheating. Overheating in your gears can be attributed to improper lubrication. Being proactive can help eliminate these types of issues and save you money in the process!

Overheating in your rotors is almost always caused by a restriction of inlet airflow either because of a plug in the line whether it be an improperly sized inlet filtration or clogged inlet filtration.

Worn Gears

This is probably one of the more basic things that you can do. Should the gears aren’t performing up to par, replacing them would be the best bet. This is an area that receives the most wear so having fresh, strong gears is key in having a high-performing blower.

Our blowers have earned a reputation on the market as being one of the more durable products out there. Taking heed of the signs above can help extend the life of your blower and save you money down the road!


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