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proquip-logo-Kerr Pump & Supply is a distributor for Proquip and is proud to offer specialist pumps for borehole water extraction. Climate change, environmental considerations and the search for renewable energy sources have intensified the need to tap into underground water reserves, leveraging borehole engineering into many new applications and to greater levels of sophistication. Proquip is a leading supplier of ‘down-hole’ equipment for water extraction and geothermal wells. Their engineering expertise for borehole pumping systems helps to drive design and manufacturing to meet the most complex and critical needs.

Kerr Pump & Supply offers the following Proquip products:

Borehole Pumps: Hundreds of submersible borehole pump models available off-the-shelf, offering cutting edge technology.  There are a wide range of fixed speed and constant pressure borehole and submersible water pumps available.

Franklin Borehole Pump Motors: A range of submersible motors for borehole pumps are available from 4” to 12” motors.
Franklin submersible motors can be applied to any groundwater and submerged pressure pumping applications. Produced to last, they are tough and durable.

Starter Panels/ Inverters: A number of configurations for single or three-phase supply with dry-running protection.  Fixed speed units, inverter or soft-start panels are also available.

GEOVALVE Abstraction & Recharge:  A dual function valve for controlling abstraction of groundwater. The compact design makes it ideal for tight boreholes where bi-directional flow is required with a single line.