Kerr Pump & Supply proudly represents over 85 major national brands of Industrial and Municipal pump products – liquid pumps, vacuum pumps, blowers, heat exchangers and related process equipment such as tanks, mixers, mechanical seals, and industrial motors.

We carry 3 million dollars of inventory for immediate shipment.  We also offered complete engineered pumping solutions complete with control panels on prefabricated skids.

Kerr Pump & Supply also manufactures our own vertical process, sump and sewage, and patented top pull-out turbine pumps under the Kerr and Haynes brands.  Both are well respected in the industry as innovative, heavy duty, economical, time-proven designs that combine mechanical craftsmanship with advanced hydraulic engineering.

Thousands of satisfied customers include major corporations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and even mainland China.

We serve the Industrial markets as well as Municipal.

You can download our Line Cards here,  or browse our individual product and manufacturer pages for more information.


Pump Products

Kerr Pump and Supply offers the most innovative vacuum pump technologies to ensure the best fit for your applications. Oil-sealed rotary vane, dry claw, dry screw and more.

Kerr Pump and Supply offers a wide variety of liquid pump technologies for a range of applications from over 40 manufacturers in order to meet your specific pumping needs.


Kerr Pump and Supply distributes a range of positive displacement, regenerative, and centrifugal blowers/compressors to meet the criteria for industrial and municipal applications.

Kerr Pump Package with Control panel

Kerr Pump and Supply can provide custom engineered pump packages to help industries solve process problems by designing them to fit specific needs or requirements.


Kerr Pump and Supply specializes in designing and fabricating complete control systems for a wide variety of applications to meet your specific needs.


Kerr Pump and Supply distributes a wide assortment of Solberg filters for applications requiring filtration, separation, silencing and more to help keep your equipment at peak performance.

Kerr Lube Oil

Kerr Pump and Supply offers a variety of oil and lubricants to ensure you get the correct product and keep your pumps running smoothly and at peak performance.


Kerr Pump and Supply specializes in heat exchangers through a variety of manufacturers and an extensive range of technologies as well as custom built thermal systems.


Kerr Pump and Supply offers a wide variety of industrial electric motors ranging from general purpose to severe duty and more, as part of complete pump systems or separately to meet your EISA compliant needs.

AST70 Mechanical Seal

Kerr Pump and Supply offers a variety of AST mechanical pump seals to meet your unique needs as well as expert advice on replacing and extending the life of your seals.


Kerr Pump and Supply distributes a full line of industrial and commercial tanks that meet ASTM D1998-06 standards, suited for the industrial, commercial, and agricultural markets.


Kerr Pump and Supply’s specialized capabilities, products, and expertise allows us to meet 24/7 municipal application needs – Water, Wastewater, Energy, Power, and Utilities.