Industrial Automation & Electrical Control Panels Instrumentation

Industrial automation instrumentation offers a number of benefits for industrial processes. Motion control instrumentation enables the automated movement of objects, which can help reduce labor costs and safety issues by automating manual processes. In addition, control panel instrumentation can help deliver better traceability with sensors and computer-based tracking.

Kerr offers a wide range of control panel instrumentation to further increase the functionality of your custom control panel.

  • Pressure Transducers
  • Level Sensors & Alarm Panels
  • Radar Level
  • Submersible Level
  • Mag Flow Meters
  • Insertion Style Flow Meters
  • Ultrasonic Flow Meters
  • Temperature Sensors

Pressure Transducers

Rosemount 2088 Series

Rosemount 2088 Series

A pressure transducer, often called a pressure transmitter, is a device that converts pressure into an analog electrical signal to measure the pressure of a fluid, indicating the force the fluid is exerting on surfaces. Pressure transducers are used in many control and monitoring applications such as flow, air speed, level, pump systems or altitude.


Rosemount 2088 Gage and Absolute Pressure Transmitter

ABB 266 Series

The Rosemount 2088 Gage and Absolute Pressure Transmitter is easy to install, with easy-to-use menus and built-in configuration buttons, so you can commission the device on the spot. This pressure transmitter is also available with manifolds and remote seals.


Level Sensors and Alarm Panels

Kerr manufactures custom level control panels that include an enclosure with a light, horn and a silence button. Level measurements can be based on either radar level technology, or submersible level transmitter technology.


Radar level

Radar level sensors are a preferred level measuring device in many industries. Radar level sensors use time-of-flight or frequency-modulated continuous wave principles to measure the distance between the sensor and the product surface.



VEGAPULS Series 21

The VEGAPULS 21 series features compact radar sensors for continuous non-contact level measurement of liquids and bulk solids in simple applications. These sensors are ideal for water treatment, storage tanks with acids, lyes and additives in all industrial areas, or for measuring levels in plastic tanks from the outside through the tank wall.


Endress+Hauser Micropilot Series

Endress+Hauser Micropilot Series

Radar level measurement with top-down installation of a Micropilot sensor offers non-contact radar with simple commissioning, trouble-free operation, and time and money savings. These radar sensors can be used in simple storage tanks, in corrosive or aggressive media, or high accuracy tank gauging applications.


Submersible Level

A submersible level transmitter is designed to be placed at the bottom of a tank, well, or liquid container. Their transmitter is connected to a long cable for measuring liquid levels in deep locations.


Keller America Level Rat series

The Keller LevelRat Non-Fouling Lift Station Level Transmitter is a non-fouling submersible level transmitter designed for environments that would clog a traditional level transmitter. The durable diaphragm features Teflon-like non-stick properties to provide increased service time without maintenance. Its compact profile minimizes accumulated solids and simplifies installation.


Amatek 575 series hydrostatic level products

Amatek 575 series

Amatek 575 series hydrostatic level products are known for quick, reliable level measurement. These sensors indicate level by continuously measuring hydrostatic level pressure. They feature CSA Intrinsically Safe approvals for various applications. Model 575 NSF is an NSF approved submersible level transmitter for safe hydrostatic product level measurement.


Mag flow meters

A magnetic flow meter (also known as an electromagnetic flow meter, magmeter, or mag flow meter) is made up of a transmitter and sensor that together measure flow. The mag flow meter’s sensor is placed inline and measures an induced voltage generated by the fluid as it flows through a pipe. The transmitter takes the voltage generated by the sensor, converts the voltage into a flow measurement and transmits that flow measurement to a control system.

Magnetic flow meters, are obstruction less, cost-effective, bi-directional, and provide highly accurate volumetric flow measurement.


Rosemount 8750W Utility Magnetic Flow Meter

Rosemount 8750 series

Rosemount 8750W Utility Magnetic Flow Meter Systems are reliable systems featuring an all-welded coil housing and lightweight sensor design rated to IP68. These mag flow meters are compatible with all utility, water and wastewater applications, and available with drinking water certifications.



ProcessMaster FEP300 mag flow meters

ABB FEP300 series

The ProcessMaster FEP300 features a modular design and the industry´s widest range of liners, electrodes and sizes. These mag flow meters meet the requirements demanding process applications in chemical, power, oil & gas, pulp & paper and metals & mining industries. They are available in integral mount or remote mount design.


Ultrasonic Flow Meters

An ultrasonic flow meter measures the velocity of a fluid with ultrasound to calculate volume flow.


Flexim FLUXUS Series

The FLUXUS range of ultrasonic flowmeters measures the volume and mass flow of liquids and gases non-intrusively. FLEXIM’s clamp-on transit-time correlation technology means the flowmeter is clamped to the outside of the pipe and never in direct contact with the media flowing inside the pipe. With permanent and portable non-intrusive flow meters are available.


Insertion Style Flow Meters

Insertion style flow meters measure flow at a strategic point in a pipe, and then use that measurement to determine the average flow through the pipe.


Hoffer HP Series Insertion Turbine Flowmeters

Hoffer HP Series

Hoffer HP Series Insertion Turbine Flowmeters are used measure liquid and gas flow in medium to large diameter pipes with accuracies inherent in the turbine flowmeter at a substantially lower price than in-line flowmeters. The HP series includes fixed, adjustable, bi-directional, and high pressure models.


Rtd Temperature Sensors

RTDs (Resistance Temperature Detectors) are temperature sensors containing a resistor that changes resistance value when its temperature changes. They are used in a variety of applications including power electronics, computer, consumer electronics, food handling and processing, industrial electronics, medical electronics, military, and aerospace.

The advantage of RTDs is that they offer long-term stability, even in harsh environments, and they can be easily interchanged if needed. A wide range of temperatures can be measured with better accuracy than other temperature sensors, at a lower temperature range than thermocouples allow.



A thermocouple is a sensor used for measuring temperature. These sensors have two dissimilar metal wires joined at one end. The wires a connected to a thermocouple thermometer or other thermocouple-capable device at the other end. Thermocouples are capable of measuring a large range of temperatures.

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