Need detailed information or a custom quote? Kerr Sales, Engineers and Support staff are ready to assist you. Contact us with as many details as possible and we will have the right person get back to you soon.

Kerr manufactures it’s own line of Centrifugal Process and Sump Pumps under the brand name Haynes. These pumps are available in several model series to fit your size and capacity requirements, both in horizontal and vertical configurations.

We represent 1000s of products and inventory over $3,000,000 in our Oak Park-Detroit, Michigan warehouse for immediate shipment to Michigan and Ohio.  We have it all – from  Vacuum and Liquid Pumps, Heat Exchangers, Blowers, Valves, Tanks and Control Panels to complete Packaged Pump Systems.

Kerr Vertical Process Pumps and Sump Pumps, manufactured with an innovative, heavy duty, time-proven design combining advanced hydraulic engineering with mechanical craftsmanship to meet a wide range of industrial applications.

We distribute and represent over 85 premier American, European and Asian manufacturers’ products, accessories and parts in Michigan and Ohio.  We also manufacture our own patented pumps under the Kerr and Haynes brand names.

Kerr Pump & Supply is your single source supplier for field service, in-house repair, pump parts, and laser alignment featuring insured service technicians.




As a leader in heavy gauge thermoformed products, we rely on efficient and dependable equipment.  That’s why we switched to MD Kinney for our vacuum pumps.  They are reliable, quiet, efficient and easy to maintain.  Kerr Pump provides the support and equipment availability we need.



Working with Kerr Pump and Supply has been a pleasure during my tenure as Maintenance Supervisor.  Their service team’s professionalism and commitment to ensuring the job is completed safely, on schedule, and within budget is key.  Notably, their assistance in procuring pumps, valves, and municipal equipment tailored to our operational needs has been invaluable.

On numerous occasions, they have exceeded expectations by innovating solutions for unforeseen equipment breakdowns. This proactive approach has significantly reduced vital equipment downtime while enhancing overall asset dependability. Their dedication to customer service, swift responsiveness, and adept technical support positions them as a valuable resource.


…what a great job Jim and Travis did when they were onsite to repair our pump on February 6th.  Their knowledge and experience really showed, and the repair was done quickly and professionally.  They had the right tools and equipment for the job, which really helped and prevented a longer downtime, as the pump was able to be repaired onsite and put back in service the same day…

This is our go to place for all things pump.

Large stock of repair parts, quick turn around, easy to work with !


I would like to take a moment to recognize you and your staff for going above and beyond to help us with a pump motor issue. The pump motor related to the Fountain/Splash Pad stopped working, which meant no fountain effects for the kids to play in over the hot weekend. I want to mention that Kerr Pump did not supply this unit, but was assisting an out of state vendor.

The staff not only located the motor but had it shipped and installed the next day. Thanks for not only meeting, but exceeding our expectations.  I look forward to working with Kerr Pump on future projects.

Kerr Satisfied Customer - Detroit Zoo

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