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Haynes Pump


Our Haynes Pump lines were designed for heavy industrial applications such as automotive, as well as large water applications such as municipal.  Kerr Pump & Supply has been manufacturing our own pumps for decades.

Haynes Pumps are customizable for your specific requirements. They are available in Centrifugal Pumps, Vertical Cantilever Pumps and Vertical Sump Pumps.  Haynes Pumps are easy to install.  They come completely assembled, carefully adjusted and lubricated at the factory. 
Generally, the motor has been mounted and aligned at the factory before shipment. All you need to do is set the unit into place.

Haynes Pumps are available in both Vertical and Horizontal in the following models:

•    Model 6600 series Vertical Cantilever Top pull-out Pumps with removable rotating elements
•    Model 6500 series Vertical Cantilever Pumps with barrel motor mounts
•    Model 6400 series Vertical Sump Pumps – Extension for pit depths from 2 to 20 feet
•    Model 6050 Horizontal Centrifugal Process Pumps with Back pull-out design.


Haynes Vertical Pump

Haynes Pumps – Vertical Cantilever:

  • Minimal Downtime:
    • Top pull-out option allows removal of rotating element without disturbing piping or cover plate.
    • Barrel mount and motor serviced as one unit and automatically realigned to cover plate.
    • All bearings above cover plates
  • Optional motor supports for C flanged motor
  • Only two Power frames across the line means less parts to stock
  • Standard extension is 15”, but extendable to 39” (in 6” increments)
  • Oversized heavy duty cover plate
  • Heavy casing and discharge support
  • Semi-open impellers with wiper vanes and balancing ports
  • Discharge pipe maximum velocity of 11 ½ ft/second
  • Sizes from 1 ½” to 8”
  • Capacity 50 to 2500 GPM
  • Heads to 140’
  • Materials: 316 SS, Carpenter 20 and Iron
  • Tank pump down option
  • Double volute casings 3” and larger for reduced side load



Haynes Pumps – Horizontal Centrifugal Process:


  • Heavy Duty Casting that is precision machined
  • Extra Heavy Duty Shaft for minimum deflection
  • External Impeller Adjustment
  • 4-piece casing with machined fits
  • Semi “open” impeller is keyed to shaft with precision taper fit
  • Longer Life Bearing Design – 2 Heavy Duty bearings – 1 double row “thrust” & 1 single row “radial”
  • Lip seals totally seal out foreign material
  • Stuffing Box furnished as standard with packing and lantern ring standard.
  • Will take single or double mechanical seals
  • Sizes from 1 ½” to 8”
  • Capacity 50 to 2500 GPM
  • Heads to 140’
  • Materials: 316 SS, Carpenter 20 and Iron


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