Kerr offers a wide range of control panel accessories to further increase the functionality of your custom control panel

  • Intelligent Relays
  • Controllers
  • Remote I/O
  • Signal Conditioners
  • Photoelectronic Sensors
  • Proximity Switches
  • Limit Switches
  • Foot Switches
  • Power Supplies

Intelligent Relays

Commonly found in small and medium applications, intelligent relays are flexible, cost-effective controllers that offer functions found in PLCs. An intelligent relay can meet the controller requirements for applications like packaging and vending machines, conveyors, and automatic door systems.

IMO’s iSmart intelligent relay is a highly cost-effective controller for small automation applications that features:

  • AC or DC base module
  • Choice of input and output options
  • Digital I/O from 10 to 44 points, 12 analog I/O and Modbus options
  • High relay switching capability (8A)
  • Digital and relay expansion modules
  • Standard built in HMI or optional blind front module
  • Free iSmart SMT Client software

All-in-One Controllers

All-in-One Controllers combine the functionality of an HMI and a PLC into one compact unit. IMO i3 Intelligent Controller integrates an ARM-based PLC CPU with a selection of integrated inputs and outputs as well as a choice of high-resolution HMI screens. The all-in-one controller allows you to Display, control, and communicate with a single device.

The advantage of an all-in-one controller is that it simplifies networking and setup compared to a traditional PLC and HMI installation. Inputs and outputs are simply plugged into the controller. The i3 installs as a one-piece device with a single piece of software to program and download.

Features include:

  • internet and web-based functions
  • MicroSD and USB flash options
  • multiple serial, CAN and Ethernet networking
  • selection of expansion options
  • I/O can be expanded up to 384 points
  • Various monitoring functions including Network Diagnosis
  • Free IMO licensed programming software

Remote I/O

Remote I / O - Control Panel Accessories

Remote I/O solutions generally allow you to place I/O modules close to the field devices, eliminating long lengths of multi-conductor cable. Remote I/O makes it possible to receive signals from far away sensors and send control signals long distances to control valves, motors, and other final actuators. IOS serial Remote I/O is ideal in applications where DIN rail space is limited, because the modules mount vertically.

IMO Remote Input and Output modules (Remote-I/O) are:

  • serial, CAN and Ethernet 24VDC powered remote modules
  • available as digital and analog input and output, thermocouple, and resistance temperature detector (RTDs) modules
  • compact
  • work with Modbus as well as other available protocols
  • designed for use with IMO i3 and XGB PLC
  • Up to 16-bit resolution

Signal Conditioning

Signal Conditioning - Control Panel Accessories

In a control system, transmitting data by analog signals has inherent issues that can disturb, corrupt, or block an ideal behavior of the process. To improve the analog signal, you can use signal conditioning devices to make sure the data reaches the PLC for processing.

IMO’s Intelligent Signal Conditioners interface with strain relief, frequency, and a variety of voltage signals and current loops. These are easily configured and calibrated to provide accurate and effective noise suppression and signal conversion.

IMO Signal Conditioners feature:

  • Compact design
  • Universal Input/Output (user selectable)
  • Full 3-port isolation
  • High accuracy

Photoelectric Sensors

Photoelectric Sensors - Control Panel Accessories

photoelectric sensor can deliver precise detection of objects within an automated process. Photoelectric sensors can be used to determine the distance, absence, or presence of an object.
Photoelectric can be classified as through-beam, diffuse and retro-reflective, depending on the arrangement of transmitters and receivers.

IMO manufactures a range of block and barrel type sensors and accessories that feature:

  • UL and cUL approvals on most models
  • AC or DC powered and
  • relay, digital or analog output
  • visible LED, ultra-violet or laser optic

Sensor styles include:

  • IP65 rated cylindrical, three block style
  • fibre-optic
  • fork
  • area sensors (pre-cabled or with universal quick disconnect plug)

Proximity Switches

A proximity switch is an electrical control panel sensor that precisely detects an object. IMO’s industrial Proximity Sensors include cylindrical inductive proximity sensors, capacitive solid-state sensors, and cylindrical and mini-block ultrasonic sensors.

IMO proximity sensors feature:

  • Super-miniature models for use in small machines
  • Suitability for harsh environments (-40°C to +80°C)
  • IP67 protection rating, with many IP69K compliant models for the food industry
  • UL and cUL Approval
  • Water resistance, with optional high temperature and harsh duty types available
  • Choice of sensing ranges
  • AC and DC types
  • Selection of signal outputs such as NPN, PNP, and analog outputs.

Limit Switches

Limit Switches - Control Panel Accessories

A limit switch is an electrical control panel switch that automatically detects the motion of a machine part or the presence of an object. It may also monitor and indicate whether the object has exceeded its movement limits. A limit switch can be used as an electrical control panel switch for controlling machinery, as a safety interlock, or as a counter or passing objects.
IMO’s industrial mechanical limit switches include industrial Heavy Duty, Compact, Micro, and Pre-cabled switches. IMO limit switches feature:

  • Bifurcated contacts for low resistance and high reliability
  • Over 3,000 configurations
  • Metal or plastic housing
  • Single or dual threaded entry

Safety Limit Switches

Safety Limit Switches - Control Panel Accessories

Safety Limit and Rope-Pull Switches are available in a range of contact block configurations to provide reliable safety for machines that require perimeter guarding against mechanical danger. IMO Safety Limit Switches can operate at up to 3600 operations per hour and have bifurcated gold plated contacts for longevity. These switches are designed with a contact change at 6° to give early indication of an open guard.

  • Single, double and triple conduit entry types
  • PG13.5 or optional M20 conduit entry
  • Standard and compact sizes
  • Range conforms to BS EN 60204-1 and BS EN 1088
  • IP67 rated terminal chamber
  • eight contact block configurations.

Foot Switches

Foot Switches - Control Panel Accessories

A foot switch provides is designed to offer a reliable, convenient and safe means to operate heavy duty industrial machinery like lathes, punch presses, and shearing and bending machines. Foot switches can be used along with safety relays for dependable personal safety in applications that require machine guarding compliance.

IMO foot switches are:

  • made from shock proof techno polymer
  • available with either IP53 or IP65 protection
  • available shrouded or unshrouded
  • available with 13 contact block configurations

Power Supplies

Power Supplies - Control Panel Accessories

Industrial Power Supplies deliver reliable DC power to an automation system or control panel components such as PLCs, sensors, relays, contactors, timers, temperature controllers, process controllers and HMIs. These highly efficient power supplies feature:

  • universal AC and DC voltage inputs
  • short circuit protection
  • a range of output DC voltage options
  • single and three phase versions