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kerr pump & supply michigan

Kerr Pump & Supply featured on “Manufacturing Marvels”

Kerr Pump & Supply recently was chosen by “Manufacturing Marvels” to be featured on one of their television episodes on the FOX Business Network at 9:30 EST on July 13, 2016.  Watch this 2 minute video as it spotlights Kerr Pump & Supply Michigan location and shows Kerr manufacturing facility, Kerr products and processes.

Kerr Pump Manufacturing Marvels 2 Minute Clip

Kerr Pump & Supply is a major supplier and manufacturer of pumps, heat exchangers, custom fluid and heat transfer package systems as well as related equipment.  We serve Michigan and Northwestern Ohio.  We represent major national brands of liquid pumps, vacuum pumps, blowers, heat exchangers and related process equipment, carrying 3 million dollars of inventory.

Kerr Pump manufactures it’s own vertical process, sump and sewage, and patented top pull-out turbine pumps.  Our brands, Kerr Pumps and Haynes Pumps, are respected in the industry as innovative, heavy duty, economical, time-proven designs.  Our pumps combine mechanical craftsmanship with advanced hydraulic engineering.

Thousands of satisfied users include major corporations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and even mainland China.  We’ve served customers like GM, Ford, and Chrysler since 1905.

Kerr Pump boasts one of the industry’s largest and most technically qualified sales, engineering and support staffs. Our sales, service and repair departments work to maximize equipment performance and minimize overall cost. We specialize in custom engineered solutions to fluid, vacuum, blower, heat transfer and related process requirements.

Our commitment to total customer satisfaction is the main goal.