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Aurora 340 Parts and Repair Kits

Aurora 340 Parts and Repair Kits

Aurora 340 Parts and Repair Options to Keep Your Pentair Aurora 340 Pumps Running Pentair Aurora 340 series pumps have long enjoyed an outstanding reputation, with thousands of pumps installed and currently operating in Michigan alone. Although Pentair Aurora pumps are still manufactured, the 340 series has been discontinued, with no exact equivalent pump available. […]

Thanksgiving 2023 Fact or Fiction Quiz Answers

Wondering the answers to our Thanksgiving Quiz? Here are the questions again and the answers are below it. See who can get the most right at your Thanksgiving gatherings this year! ANSWERS: 1. Fiction 2 .Fact 3. Fact 4. Fiction 5. Fact 6. Fiction 7. Fact 8. Fiction 9. Fact 10. Fact 11. Fact 12. […]


Renting an industrial vacuum pump has advantages for short-term trials, emergency backups, seasonal capacity augmentation, and more. A vacuum pump represents a large capital expenditure. When the need for vacuum pump equipment arises, particularly if the need is emergent or temporary, renting could be the right choice. When Buying an Industrial Vacuum Pump Makes Sense […]


Industrial vacuum pumps are available in a variety of configurations for various applications and industries. Automotive Vacuum Pumps Hydraulic Brake Systems One of the unheralded but very necessary applications for vacuum pumps is the pre-evacuation and leak testing of hydraulic brake systems in new cars. A typical brake filling machine manufactured by one of our […]


Covid-19 Announcement

UPDATE:  March 24, 2020 At Kerr Pump and Supply, we continue to monitor the rapidly changing development of COVID-19 and follow the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control, Public Health – both states and counties, and the World Health Organization. We are committed to keeping the safety of our customers, business partners, and team […]

Merry Christmas 2019

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

May this Holiday Season be Merry and Bright and Filled with Good Cheer. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!We wish you all much success in 2020.   Kerr Pump & Supply Holiday Hours: December 23rd hours may vary.December 24th & 25th closed. December 30th hours may vary.December 31st & January 1st closed. ———————————————————————————————————————————————- For the […]

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Kerr Pump & Supply featured on “Manufacturing Marvels”

Kerr Pump & Supply recently was chosen by “Manufacturing Marvels” to be featured on one of their television episodes on the FOX Business Network at 9:30 EST on July 13, 2016.  Watch this 2 minute video as it spotlights Kerr Pump & Supply Michigan location and shows Kerr manufacturing facility, Kerr products and processes. Kerr […]