Kerr Pump & Supply is a Wastecorp distributor for plunger pumps for the state of Michigan. Wastecorp is the premier American manufacturer of plunger pumps, distributing throughout the world. The Wastecorp product range includes a complete selection of plunger pumps, as well as diaphragm pumps, self-priming trash pumps, double disc pumps, vacuum pumps, and other wastewater products.

Kerr leverages Wastecorp’s expertise as a designer of wastewater pump solutions. A leader in plunger pump design and innovation, Wastecorp manufactures a range of plunger pumps with an 80 year history.  Wastecorp equipment enables the responsible transfer of all kinds of wastewater, and their focus on environmental quality has grown to include innovative pumping equipment for municipal, industrial, commercial and recreational pumping applications.

What is a Plunger Pump?

A plunger pump is a positive displacement pump that transfers all types of sludges and slurries using reciprocating plungers and check balls. The plunger forces liquid from the suction side of the pump to the discharge side. Unlike a piston pump, which is for clean liquid, a plunger pump is used to pump waste sludge. Because the pulsating motion of a plunger breaks up blockages, plunger pumps operation is nearly clog free. These self-priming pumps are manufactured in simplex, duplex, triplex and quad designs.

A Wastecorp plunger pump can replace most other plunger pump brands without requiring piping changes or alterations. Contact Kerr to plan your replacement.

As a Wastecorp distributor, Kerr Pump & Supply can quickly ship your Wastecorp plunger pumps order or help you locate the pump best suited to your needs.

Kerr is a Wastecorp distributor in Michigan for the following Wastecorp solutions:

Space Saver Plunger Pumps

Space Saver Series plunger pumps fit easily into areas with space constraints, combining pumping power within a compact design. The Space Saver plunger pump series includes rugged, highly efficient sewage pumps within a compact integrated steel frame. The uni-construction steel base eliminates the need for a structural concrete pad.

Space Saver plunger pumps are often used to replace existing rotary lobe, progressive cavity or disc pumps, which have similar suction and discharge piping configurations. Sectionalized construction means that components can be individually replaced, saving maintenance time and expense.

PE Plunger Pumps

PE Series plunger pumps are designed for light-heavy duty municipal sewage and sludge as well as thicker industrial wastewater. In the primary sewage area of a wastewater treatment plant, a PE Series pump feeds belt filter presses and transfers sludge to and from digesters.

Clean, tough PE plunger pumps handle up to 500 GPM and are available in belt drive or direct drive. These pumps are designed to handle up to 18% solids, with optional dual ball valve capability for plants that have up to 20% solids. They feature clean, leak resistant packing with either urethane u-cups, Teflon, or Kevlar. Trailer mounted, engine driven mobile sludge pumping solutions are also available.

HPE Heavy Duty Plunger Pumps

Heavy Duty Sludge Master® HPE Series plunger pumps are designed for higher capacity wastewater treatment plants. HPE Series pumps incorporate heavier drive components, larger shafts, and heavy duty connecting rod assemblies to support operating capacities up to 600 GPM and heads up to 240 feet. HPE plunger pumps can be used for transfer from primary sewage treatment to digester, for belt filter press feed pumps, and other applications.

The HPE Series is available in single and dual ball valve configurations to pump tough sewage like “fatbergs”, flushed disposable wipes, road grit and rags. These models can be configured with an optional space saving design to reduce footprint by almost 50%. Pressure sensor assemblies can also be added to enable automated shutdown in the event of a closed valve or blockage in the system.

EHPE Extra Heavy Duty Plunger Pumps

EHPE™ Series plunger pumps are engineered for extreme pumping conditions with higher discharge head conditions, higher PSI, and higher volumes of raw sewage. EHPE series pumps are available with single or dual ball valve configurations, with up to 300 ft. of total discharge head capability. These heavy duty pumps are offered in simplex to quadplex models handling up to 600 GPM.

For wastewater treatment applications, EHPE plunger pumps are often an improvement over rotary lobe pumps, double disc pumps, or progressive cavity pumps. They are optionally available in a compact design with a vertical motor mount, with upgraded seal packing, or with bronze or stainless steel components.

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