Grindex Dewatering Pumps

Grindex dewatering pumps, first introduced over 60 years ago, are present in over 100 countries today. As the world leading experts in trouble free dewatering equipment: Grindex meets the highest of quality and environmental standards: ISO 14001 Environmental Management and ISO 9001 Quality. Grindex offers lightweight, hand held portable pumps to large drainage pumps weighing in at more than half a ton. Typical applications include industrial, construction, mining and many other dewatering processes.

As a Grindex distributor, Kerr Pump & Supply offers Grindex parts and an extensive service department that can assist with any pump repair that is needed. Our service technicians are fully insured, certified and factory trained to ensure your satisfaction.

Kerr is a Grindex distributor in Michigan for the following submersible dewatering pump solutions:


Grindex Dewatering Products


Drainage Pumps

Grindex drainage pumps are heavy duty industrial strength, but still light and highly portable. Use a Grindex drainage pump when you need to pump large quantities of dirty water; head 50-650 feet (15-200 meters), flow 95 – 5,500 gallons/minute (6-350 liters/second) with abrasive particles in sizes up to 0.47 inches (12 mm).


Sludge Pumps

Grindex Sludge pumps are heavy duty industrial strength, but still light and highly portable. Our sludge pumps are ideal for pumping water with a high solids content up to 3″  (80 mm), like a variety of types of mud and sludge, as well as light slurry. head 30-130 feet (9-40 meters), flow 110 – 380 gallons/minute (7-24 liters/second).


Slurry Pumps

Grindex Slurry pumps are specially designed for pumping slurry and fluids with a high content of highly abrasive solids in sizes up to  2″ (50 mm). Typical applications include coal and ore slurries, dredging, cleaning of settling ponds, bentonite and coal washing water, among many others.


Stainless Steel Pumps

Grindex Inox is a range of submersible drainage and sludge pumps constructed from stainless steel, capable of handling extremely corrosive fluids with pH values from 2-10 and abrasive particles.



Primo Pumps

Grindex Primo is a range of small, handy and affordable pumps, including two drainage and two sludge pumps. The Primo pumps are ideal for construction, industrial and municipal jobs, and the highly compact design allows the Primo pumps to operate in dewatering applications where others don’t fit.



Rafts, zinc anodes, regulators and a lot more – Grindex has the right accessories for all applications.


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