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Kerr Pump & Supply is a CAT Pumps distributor in Michigan. We offer precision triplex reciprocating pumps and systems through CAT Pumps. Founded in 1968, CAT Pumps stands by the promise of offering the longest lasting, most dependable high-pressure pumps available in the industry.  Kerr works with CAT experienced staff on providing the right pump solution that you can depend on for years to come.

Kerr is also your CAT Pumps Parts Distributor. Our extensive service and repair department can assist with any maintenance or replacement parts that you need.

Plunger Pumps

Plunger pumps are utilized world-wide in thousands of applications. Cat Pumps’ industrial duty high pressure positive displacement triplex plunger pumps are recognized as the longest-lasting, most reliable plunger pumps in the industry.

Plunger pumps direct flow through the pump manifold by using spring-loaded closed and hydraulically opened inlet and discharge valves. At the beginning of the stroke, the plunger displaces the liquid in the manifold chamber, forcing the discharge valve open. When the plunger reaches the end of the stroke, the discharge valve closes. As the plunger rod begins its backward stroke, the inlet valve opens again to allow more liquid into the manifold chamber, which keeps a smooth forward flow of liquid.

CAT Pumps designs and manufactures plunger pumps for a range of specifications

    • 0.13 GPM to 240 GPM (0.49 to 908 LPM)
    • 100 PSI to 10,000 PSI (6.9 BAR to 689 BAR)
    • available in brass, nickel aluminum bronze, 304, 316, and duplex stainless steel
    • electric motor, gas/diesel engine, hydraulic, and pneumatic

Piston Pumps

Piston pumps are reliable, efficient, durable and versatile, giving users the best value. Industrial duty high pressure positive displacement triplex piston pumps offer superior suction capability, often not requiring flooded suction or booster pumps.

    • 3.0 GPM to 60 GPM (11.3 to 227 LPM)
    • 100 PSI to 1,500 PSI (6.9 to 103 BAR)
    • available with brass and 316 stainless steel manifolds and 304 stainless valve components

Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps offer a solution to high-flow, low-pressure pumping needs. Pump housings are constructed from bulge formed 304 stainless steel that is stronger, lighter, more durable, and more cost-effective than conventional cast iron pumps.

Choose from:

    • manual or automatic float (submersible)
    • chemical resistant or high-temperature seals
    • flanged or NPT fittings
    • single or three phase, ODP or TEFC, 50 or 60 Hz, up to 575 volt, 1750 or 3450 RPM motor options

Multi-Stage Centrifugal pumps designed for long life and trouble-free service in a range of applications including booster, hot water, and water purification.

Stainless Steel Pumps

Successfully operate in some of the harshest environments, and offer corrosion resistance for applications with aggressive liquids.

Flush Pumps

Flush pumps are highly effective in extending seal life when pumping low-lubricity liquids.

Flushed manifold pumps are designed to:

    • Increase seal life when used with low lubricity fluids such as de-ionized (Di) water
    • Extend seal life by cooling seals in applications with elevated pumped liquid temperatures
    • Reduce likelihood of cracking or pitting by reducing thermal load on ceramic plungers

Liquid C02 Pumps

CAT Pumps has been designing liquid C02 pumping solutions for over 20 years, with a range of models available in brass or 316 stainless steel.

TEG Pumps

With temperatures up to 240 F, Triethylene glycol (TEG) dehydration is very demanding on the components within the system.

Cat Pumps’ specially-modified pumps use a proprietary seal design to run in the most demanding and heavily-used dehydration systems used to remove water from natural gas.

These TEG pumps are engineered to run continuously in TEG dehydration systems.

High Temperature Pumps

CAT Pumps high temperature and dry run pumps offer field-proven technology for any high-temperature application. These high temperature pumps:

    • handle liquids up to 200°F/93.3°C
    • perform in intermittent run-dry conditions
    • offer flow range of 0.5 to 20 GPM/1.9 to 75.7 LPM
    • offer pressure range of 100 to 3500 PSI/6.9 to 241.5 BAR
    • are available in brass, nickel aluminum bronze, and stainless steel

Nickel Aluminum Bronze Pumps

Nickel aluminum bronze pumps offer superior strength and corrosion-resistance necessary for oilfield and reverse osmosis applications.

Available in flow and pressure ranges from 0.13 – 75 GPM, and 100 – 5,000 PSI.

Direct Drive Pumps

Cat Pumps’ direct-drive pumps, available for electric and engine drives, offer compact and cost-effective pump mounting.

This option allows for easy installation with the pump mounting directly to the motor or engine.

Belt Drive Pumps

Highly dependable belt-driven piston and plunger pumps offer flow flexibility given within pulley ratios, allowing the operator to change the pump flow by simply changing the pulley.

The belt drive isolates the pump from the heat and vibration of the motor or engine. At the same time, the belt isolates shock from an engine or motor on startup, reducing wear on the crankshaft and drive end components.

Gearbox Pumps

Gearbox pumps hold up to the rigorous demands of commercial and industrial pressure washers.

These direct-drive high-pressure pumps can be easily mounted on standard gas or diesel engines up to 24 horsepower. The completely sealed gearbox drive has a 2 to 1 ratio allowing the pump to run at half the speed of the engine.

ATEX Pumps

CAT Pumps offers a complete line of ATEX certified plunger pumps for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, compliant with the ATEX directive for Group 2, Category 2 and Zones 1 and 2 (Group 2 includes Zone G).

CAT Chemical Pumps

CAT Pumps offers a wide selection of elastomers and manifold materials to meet a large variety of applications.

CAT Pumps Applications

Commercial & Industrial cleaning – pressure washing, sewer jetting, carpet & tile cleaning, hood vent cleaning, wet blasting, paint preparation, condenser tube cleaning, decontamination & sanitation, water blasting, ice dam removal

Oil & Gas – biodiesel processing, seal gland flushing, secondary recovery, BOP accumulator charging, Triethylene Glycol dehydration, enhanced oil recovery, LACT units, crude oil transfer

Manufacturing – machine tool coolant, hydrostatic testing, high pressure DI water wash, electrical discharge machines, water based hydraulic systems, high pressure water deburring, hydromechanical descaling, eco pickled surface, aqueous parts washer, paper manufacturing

Mobile – hydroexcavating pumps, UHP firefighting equipment, street sweeping, well drilling, live wire insulator washing, sewer & pipe cleaning, restroom service trucks, landfill daily cover foam, steam trucks

Vehicle cleaning – car wash, truck wash, mass transit wash, auto detailing, military vehicle wash, heavy equipment wash, train wash, jet engine wash, ship hull cleaning, trailer washout

Reverse Osmosis & Water treatment – reverse osmosis & desalination, leachate treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, water treatment odor control, wastewater mist evaporators, filter press cloth cleaning, slip pumps

Food, Beverage, & Pharmaceutical – washdown & sanitizing, tool, knife, & blade cleaning, fish & seafood processing, CO2 extraction, conveyor belt cleaning, homogenization, central cleaning systems, tank & tote cleaning, vinegar production, waterjet deboning

Misting, Cooling & Fogging – temperature control, visual effects, gas turbine inlet fogging, humidity control, water mist fire protection, landfill odor control, dust suppression, pest & insect control, precooling HVAC, wet scrubber, spray drying, data center cooling

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