Kerr Pump & Supply is an official distributor for Delta Cooling Towers, a manufacturer of Cooling Towers for critical service applications since 1970. Kerr’s service engineers are trained to offer the most durable corrosion-proof cooling towers available to a full line of factory assembled cooling towers for any application.

Kerr Pump & Supply is a Delta distributor in Michigan for the following cooling tower solutions:

  • Comfort Cooling – HVAC
  • Process Cooling – Industrial
  • Power Generation

Induced Draft Towers

Counterflow or induced draft cooling towers move air upward through the tower while water flows downward to cool the air.

Delta induced draft cooling towers include the TM, Premier, and Paragon series. Each series features Delta’s factory assembled HDPE plastic shell construction to prevent corrosion.

  • The TM series is available in standard tonnage such as 250 tons, 300 tons, 400 tons, 500 tons, 600 tons, 750 tons, 1000 ton and more.
  • The Premier series features single units with cooling capacities ranging from 250 to 500 tons, fitted with a self-propelled PVC water distribution system as well as PVC decking for efficient film cooling.
  • The Paragon series is available in single module capacities from 55 to 250 cooling tons.

Forced Draft Towers

In a crossflow tower, air flows horizontally through the cooling tower’s structure while hot water flows downward from distribution basins. Delta’s forced draft cooling towers, the Pioneer series, are efficient, affordable, and environmentally friendly. Their counter flow design comes in single module capacities and in a range of cooling tower tonnage from 10 to 100 cooling tons.

Delta Anti-Microbial Cooling Towers

Delta’s Anti-Microbial Cooling Towers are designed to minimize the risk of pathogen contamination that leads to infection outbreaks such as Legionnaire’s Disease.

Delta’s blue Anti-Microbial Cooling Towers feature shells made of anti-microbial HDPE resin fully compounded into the base plastic material to inhibit bacterial growth.

  • Anti-microbial additives operate on the cellular level to continuously disrupt and prevent uncontrolled growth of the microorganisms and biofilm.
  • The unique construction design, with steep side-to-side slopes and basin sweeper systems, helps minimize the risk of Legionella colonization.
  • The tower materials can withstand strong chemical treatments, which means a much longer lifecycle, reduced costs and downtime.

Read more about this in our informative Legionella Risk Solved news post.

Delta Packaged Cooling Systems

Packaged Cooling Systems can include either open or closed-loop heat exchangers along with skid-mounted pump and control units. These Packaged Cooling Systems allow for simple installation with minimal site work required. Delta’s cooling towers come with an industry leading 20-year warranty on the unitarily molded cooling tower casing.


Cooling towers are used for various industrial process cooling and HVAC condenser cooling applications, including:

  • steel mills
  • oil refineries
  • food processing
  • other industrial applications
  • large medical, commercial, and industrial HVAC systems
  • paper mills
  • petroleum refineries
  • power plants
  • metals
  • plastic processing

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