Kerr Pump & Supply is an Or-Tec distributor for the state of Michigan. Or-Tec is premier manufacturer of high-quality sludge dewatering, chemical dosing, flotation, screening and conveying equipment. Kerr distributes the complete Or-Tec product line, offering a full selection of wastewater treatment equipment for the municipal and industrial marketplace.

With increasing environmental awareness and governmental issues focused on the disposal of waste, every municipality and industry must now adhere to special guidelines and legislative issues. Kerr trusts Or-Tec’s reputation as a high-quality wastewater equipment manufacturer since 1980. Or-Tec provides efficient, economical wastewater treatment solutions that allow you to be in compliance with federal, state and local waste disposal mandates. As an Or-Tec distributor, Kerr offers both Or-Tec municipal wastewater treatment system and Or-tec industrial wastewater treatment system solutions.

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Kerr distributes the following Or-Tec products:

Sludge Dewatering

Or-Tec offers a range of stainless steel sludge dewatering options for operations ranging from small to large.

  • Belt Press Sludge Dewatering Systems: These range from affordable single belt press systems for the small to medium wastewater treatment plant to double or triple belt press systems for medium to large WWTPs. The largest has a large flocculation tank with a variable speed mixer for thorough mixing of the sludge and polymer solution.
  • Belt Thickener Systems: A low-maintenance belt thickener can be set up for thickening or dewatering. These systems are designed for small to medium sized plants.
  • Rocker Systems: Enclosed, high performance rocker screw press sludge dewatering systems use a central screw, a rocking multi-disc filter and variable back pressure plate to increase pressure on flocculated sludge and produce an exceptionally dry cake.


Screening & Grit

Or-Tec offers several options for screens and grit:

  • Affordable and efficient screw screen compactor to screen, compact, wash, and lift screenings
  • Rotary brush screens designed for membrane bioreactors and headworks of wastewater treatment plants
  • Semi cylindrical rotary rake bar screens that remove hair, fibers, and foreign objects
  • Compact screens for low flow, low-cost screening
  • Grit systems to separate and remove sand and grit from the influent of a wastewater treatment plant
  • A complete self-contained headworks system. Or-Tec Headworks Screen & Grit handles screening, grit/sand and FOG removal.
  • Or-Tec’s reverse current screen & grit system automatically adjusts based on flow. This easy-to-install, flange in/flange screening and grit system replaces a traditional headworks of a wastewater treatment plant.



Septage Receiving

Or-Tec’s Septage Receiver screens, compacts and washes screenings directly from the septage hauler. It features quick disconnect hook up, blockage free operation, and multiple washdown points.



Polymer Dosing

Or-Tec’s Blend Polymer Dosing System handles emulsion polymers efficiently, dependably, and affordably by using hydraulic energy to regulate polymer dosing within the dewatering process.



Flotation Systems

A flotation system is designed to remove grease, fat, and suspended solids from food, industrial and municipal wastewater. By automatically isolating these materials from liquid waste, plant performance is improved because they can be disposed of separately into public sewers.
The flotation system is available with stainless steel, epoxy coated or plastic tanks.



Conveying & Compacting

Screw augers and compact washers are used to convey and compact effluent.


Screw Augers transport dewatered sludge, solid waste, screenings or other difficult to convey products. They can be installed vertically, horizontally, or inclined. Screw augers are available with reversing screws and knife-gate valves to allow for multiple discharge points, which ensures even and safe loading of disposal containers or vehicles.


A compact washer washes, compacts and elevates municipal and industrial screenings for easier disposal. Through the process, the screened material is dried to reduce the volume of waste for disposal.


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