As an authorized OverWatch® distributor in the state of Michigan, Kerr Pump & Supply provides OverWatch wastewater pump systems from Industrial Flow Solutions. Over 200 years’ technical and application experience has led IFS to the development of the breakthrough OverWatch Direct In-Line Pumping System.

OverWatch direct in-line pump systems are ideally suited for wastewater treatment pump, lift station pump, sewage & solids handling, stormwater management, and other municipal applications. OverWatch’s advanced technology renders the typical wet well obsolete. OverWatch solutions help lower costs, increase efficiencies, and minimize environmental impacts, allowing you to keep your lift station or wastewater treatment facility operating at peak performance.

Kerr engineers are trained on OverWatch products to help design and specify the OverWatch pump solution that best fits for your municipal application.

Kerr distributes the following OverWatch solutions:


OverWatch Lift Station and Wastewater Treatment Pumps

OverWatch waste water treatment and lift station pumps are engineered to replace the wet well, with a patented system that lifts effluent directly at the point of entry. Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) provide continuous modulated pumping directly from the effluent inlet to save energy.

Self-monitoring OverWatch pump systems are smart sensing, adjusting flow in real time. Non-clogging features can detect and remove clogs without human intervention. A two-pump design avoids system failures.

OverWatch systems:

  • Remove obstructed float switches
  • Provide safe access
  • Reduce maintenance time/cost
  • Avert dangerous gases
  • Eliminate smells
  • Prevent sand and grease accumulation
  • Avoid equipment and structural erosion


OverWatch Booster

When a system has limitations due to insufficient slope, insufficient flow, or damage, an OverWatch booster pump can be added, eliminating the need to replace the entire line.

  • Increase capacity by boosting flow downstream
  • Improve velocity – Accelerate in-line wastewater circulation


Packaged Lift Stations (PLS)


Packaged lift stations consolidate all the advantages of the Direct In-Line Pump system into a stainless steel pump room that is ready to install.

PLS systems are:

  • Economical, with reduced excavation depth and no need for a valve vault
  • Robust and waterproof
  • Non-porous, with no fragile tank adapters
  • Sustainable, with corrosion and erosion resistance


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OverWatch Impeller Options

Overwatch lift station and wastewater treatment pumps are available with various stainless steel impeller designs:

  • Vortex
  • High efficiency

The optional DIPCUT impeller is the only patented variable vane impeller engineered to maximize both pumping and shredding. The self-cleaning DIPCUT impeller is designed to consume less energy without affecting hydraulic efficiency.


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Let the Kerr Sales Engineers design the right custom OverWatch direct in-line pump solution for your application.