Kerr Pump & Supply offers Roth pumps, whose 80-year history of providing regenerative pumps and steam condensate return systems are second to none. Roth provides pumps with self-centering impellers to reduce wear and extend operational performance with reduced maintenance and less down time. Roth pumps are designed for easy seal maintenance and lubrication. Roth customers have pumps in continuous operation for over 30 years and are tested at the factory to ensure compliance with all specifications.

Kerr Pump & Supply offers the following Roth Pump products:

Regenerative Turbine Pumps safely pump liquids close to the boiling point without the detriment of cavitation.

Roth Chemical Processing Pumps include a standard chemical duty, low NPSH, seal less magnetic drive, and low NPSH multistage pump options to pump a wide array of chemicals including liquefied gases.

Industrial Pumps for pumping water, light hydrocarbons, or liquefied gases,  include end mounted pumps, low NPSH industrial, multistage industrial, and boiler feed pumps.

Steam Condensate Pumps and Packaged Steam Condensate Return Systems provide energy efficiency options and space saving designs for returning the maximum amount of steam condensate energy to the boiler resulting in lower installation, operational, and maintenance costs.

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