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Hydroflo Pumps

Hydroflo PumpsKerr Pump & Supply works with Hydroflo Pumps USA , Inc. to distribute their complete line of Vertical and Submersible Turbine Pumps. Hydroflo Pumps was founded in 1998 and manufactures the only pump constructed with all-lost wax, investment cast technology. The company’s success has been built on manufacturing, assembling, and delivering the most dependable, purpose engineered pumps in the marketplace.

Kerr Pump works with regional branches of Hydroflo to offer new and replacement parts manufactured locally, and tailored for the specific needs of their respective regions. Hydroflo also builds private label pumps for several system builders.

Kerr Pumps & Supply offers the following Hydroflo Pump products:

  •  Vertical Turbine Pumps: With cast stainless steel impellers, Hydroflo can engineer higher efficient, better corrosive and abrasive resistant pumps for your applications.
  • Submersible Turbine: Standard and all stainless steel models are available for quick delivery. Also available are special high pressure ductile iron and modified bearing models for special engineering needs.
  • Hydroflo Horizontal Turbine PumpDewatering & Mining: Hydroflo pumps is a leader in designing and building submersible and vertical turbine pumps for dewatering and mining. We also have available submersible bottom suction dewatering and slurry pumps.
  • Propeller & Mixed Flow: For storm water, flood control or any high volume application, Hydroflo has capacities to 35,000 gallons per minute.
  • Centrifugal Pumps: Booster pumps are used for industrial circulation, pressure booster applications, and liquid transfer.
  • Ductile Iron Discharge Heads: The exclusive design allows for higher pressure ratings, better corrosive resistance, and longer life. Hydroflo has also developed a new line of deep set ductile heads.
  • Specialty Products: We offer many other products such as: spiders, screens, basket and cone strainers, 316 mechanical seals, hydrolube bearings, and graphite bearings.
  • Magnetic Starters & Pump Panels: From standard pumping plant panels to complete VFD control centers, we offer small magnetic starters to 150HP pumping plant panels for immediate delivery.

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