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Pump Repair Service In-House

Kerr Pump & Supply offers pump repair and pump rebuilds in our in-house machine shop. You can drop off or we can pick up your unit(s) as needed.

We are the authorized service centers for:

  • Viking Pump
  • Kinney Vacuum Solutions
  • MD Pneumatics Blowers
  • Hoffman Lamson Blowers

Why choose Kerr for your pump repairs?

  • We repair all makes of equipment.
  • We use certified and factory-trained technicians.
  • We do your repairs in our “In-house” machine and fabrication shop.
  • We thoroughly test each repair in our test facility before it’s returned to you.
  • New equipment warranty is standard on re-manufactured equipment.

“I really appreciate you tearing into the pump and putting together such a comprehensive and thorough proposal.  I wish all repair proposals I receive were that way.  The photos really helped explain what is wrong with that pump.”

The Niemi Corporation

We also can provide training to your factory technicians on pump maintenance. Contact Us today to get an estimate on repairing or rebuilding your pumps.

Pump Repair Service Examples

Check out our real-life repair examples below.

  • Fire Scorched Vacuum Pump Repair Story

    Fire Scorched Vacuum Pump Repair Story

    Kerr recently received this Busch Vacuum Pump in after a fire. The pump was received fully assembled and the remaining oil was hardened and gelled. The pump was completely disassembled to provide a thorough and detailed inspection report. The motor was given a meg test and failed. The test reveals a short to ground. A […]

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  • Pump Service Decisions – Repair or Replace

    Pump Service Decisions – Repair or Replace

    During Kerr’s service process pump inspections, our customers benefit from our complete tear down and parts review that make the repair vs. replace decision simple. Here are some examples. Blackmer Pump Viking Pump Corken Compressor Blackmer Pump Service Example The heads were removed and inspected. They are damaged from rotor contact and will require replacement. […]

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  • Deming Centrifugal Pump Repair Example

    Deming Centrifugal Pump Repair Example

    This Deming centrifugal pump was brought in to Kerr for repair. It was disassembled and thoroughly inspected and we found damage to that shaft, Sleeve and mechanical seal. After approval we repaired and painted the pump and shipped it to the customer looking like new!

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Kerr’s pump repair shop is known for quality work. Our shop is always full.