american wheatley hvac

Kerr Pump & Supply offers American Wheatley products. Wheatley is “Today’s Hydronic Accessories Leader”.  American Wheatley recently received their A.S.M.E. “U” , “UM” and “S” Certificates of Authorization, as well as the National Board Certifications Of Authorization (R Stamp).   They also recently added a new American HVAC state of the art vessel manufacturing facility in Tulsa, OK further demonstrating their commitment to supply the Hydronic industry with competitive and essential components required by industry partners.

Kerr Pump & Supply specializes in the following Wheatley products.

TDV/TSV Valves

This combination pump discharge valve functions as a shut-off, check and calibrated flow balancer.

  • Sizes 1-1/2 through 12” with  threaded or flanged ends
  • Cast iron bodies
  • Schrader valve metering connections
  • Memory stop which avoids the need for resetting after shut-down.
  • Plug position indicator and calibrated scale for system balancing and flow regulation
  • Dual O-ring stem seals
  • Non-Lubricated operation
  • Inline serviceability

Suction Diffuser

The Wheatley suction diffuser/flow diverter is designed to reduce space and installation costs by replacing a long radius elbow, strainer and extended entry pipe on the suction side of the pump.

  • Available in sizes 2 x 1 ½ through 12 x 12 with  flanged inlet outlet connections
  • Ductile iron bodies
  • Horizontal or vertical direct mounting
  • Flanges are flat faced ANSI (ASA)
  • Vanes are integrally cast stabilizing
  • Separate fine mesh start up screen surround each perforated screen.
  • Class 125 (175 PSI)
  • 300 degrees F maximum working temperature

ASME Bladder Type Expansion Tanks

  • 6 gallons to 10,000 gallons
  • Removable and replaceable heavy duty butyl rubber bladders- WFA & WBF Style NSF-61 Certified
  • EPDM Bladder on BDT Series Tanks
  • ASME constructed and stamped
  • National Board registered
  • Standard Design maximum pressure 125 psi
  • Optional:
    • High working pressures available
    • Epoxy coated covers on WFA WPA and WBF models
    • California sight glass
    • Seismic mounting clips or legs

ASME Buffer Tanks

  • 80 Gallon to 3000 Gallon
  • Upper and Lower Mounted Connections
  • Vertical and Horizontal installation
  • Hot water buffer tanks
  • Chilled Water Buffer tanks
  • Standard Carbon steel construction
  • Optional Stainless Steel construction

Stainless Steel Pump Connectors

  • Stainless steel corrugated inner tube and outer shield of wire braidWheatley pump connector
  • Stainless Steel -300 Series
  • Steel fixed flanges ASA 150 lb
  • Maximum working temperatures 450 degrees
  • Pressure safety factor of 4:1

Globe style flow regulating Valve for Circuit Balancingglobe style balancing valve

  • Globe style design for precision balancing and low pressure drop
  • Hidden memory protects precise balance setting during on/ off operation
  • Positive shut off
  • Pre-balancing capability saves time

plug style balancing valve

Plug style Balancing Valve

  • Sized 2” through 16”
  • Compact design quarter turn operation.
  • Easy to read flow indication plate.
  • Lever operated through 6;
  • Maximum working pressure of 175 psi
  • Ideal for HVAC hydronic balancing
  • Adjustable memory stop standard 2 ½ through 16”
  • Schrader style test port connections for balancing.
  • Gear operator available on 8” through 16” models.

ASME Tangential Air Separators

tangential air separator
  • ASME constructed and stamped
  • National Board registered
  • Tangential design results in smaller unit.
  • Provides air free fluid flow which protects against damage and system noise
  • Helps prevent waterlogged compression tanks.
  • Optional
    • Grooved inlet and outlet connections
    • Higher working pressures available
    • Air and dirt separator available
basket strainer

Y and Basket Type Strainer

  • Y-type flanged strainers, sizes 2” through 24”
  • ANSI Class 125 and 250
  • Y-type threaded strainers, sizes ½” through 3” cast iron or bronze body available
  • Flanged basket strainers sizes 2” through 24” cast iron body, ANSI Class 125 or 250

Air Dirt Separator Standard & High Velocity

The American Wheatley HVAC High Velocity and STAD Standard Velocity Coalescing Air and Dirt Separator is intended for use on commercial HVAC, institutional and industrial applications to remove entrained air and particulate from system water. We accomplish this with the use of a High-Performance saddle ring coalescing assembly internal to the separator.

  • HVAD-High Velocity up to 6039 GPM
  • STAD- Standard Velocity up to 2599 GPM
  • Available with or without removable cover
  • Stainless steel coalescing media
  • Skim and drain valve connections standard
  • Available 2” through 16” with larger sizes POA
  • Particulate removal to 35 micron
  • ASME rated 125 PSI, with higher pressures available
  • Constructed in accordance Section VIII of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code

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