Kerr Pump & Supply is a Sterlco distributor in the state of Michigan. Sterlco designs and manufactures boiler feed and condensate packages, valves, traps, strainers, and condensate pumps for steam and hot water systems. Sterlco’s entire portfolio of steam control products is precision engineered to keep your system running efficiently.

Kerr offers Sterlco products with confidence in Sterlco’s 100+ years’ proven experience in the steam industry, offering products designed for industrial applications. Sterlco products are used in applications ranging from sterilization and precise temperature control to comfort heating and power generation. Sterlco® manufactures a variety of components that are easy to install, operate, and maintain, allowing you to keep your steam system operating at its peak.

As a Sterlco distributor, Kerr Pump & Supply can quickly ship your Sterlco condensate pumps order or assist you in determining the right solution for your steam application.

Kerr distributes the following Sterlco solutions:

Condensate Pumps

An efficient condensate pump is central to the efficient operation of any boiler feed or condensate unit. Sterlco Centrifugal Pumps deliver condensate at proper flow rates to keep the steam control system running efficiently while assuring maximum performance. Sterlco condensate pumps are easy to maintain due to easy seal replacement, and a motor and impeller that can be removed without disturbing piping connections.

Other features include:

  • Heavy-duty cast-iron housing and bracket
  • Maximum capacity with lower amp draw

Standard motors are open drip proof motors, with specialty options available including:

  • Totally enclosed
  • Fan cooled (TEFC)
  • Washdown duty
  • Explosion proof

Sterlco also offers pump adapter kits to replace a pump on an older boiler feed or condensate unit. These pump adapter kits are designed to easily mount to the bolt patterns of other manufacturer’s units.

Condensate Pump Units

Sterlco condensate pump units offer a longer running time due to their thick tank wall design and wear resistant pump seals. These reliable, efficient condensate units feature heavy duty receivers for long operating life, available in several materials of construction:

  • Cast Iron
  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel

Boiler Feed Units

Sterlco boiler feed units are reliable and efficient at maintaining proper water levels. They feature heavy-duty cast iron receivers for long operating life, and are available in several materials of construction:

  • Cast Iron
  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel

Temperature Control Valves

Sterlco temperature control valves help maintain temperature, flow, and pressure to maximize steam system uptime. Sterlco’s self-modulating temperature control valves are designed for continuous and accurate control. These temperature control valves are:

  • temperature actuated
  • self-powered
  • fully balanced
  • heavy duty
  • applicable to heating or cooling processes
  • designed to use water, oil, steam or other fluids
  • easily installable with the ability to mount in any position
  • low maintenance

Steam Traps, Strainers, and Radiator Valves

Sterlco’s rugged, long-lasting traps and strainers are designed to keep your system operating at peak efficiency. Sterlco offers:

  • Float and thermostatic traps for both light and heavy condensate loads
  • Low pressure radiator traps to efficiently free radiators of air and condensate without allowing steam to be wasted into returns
  • Inverted bucket traps for extended service and low maintenance with medium to high-pressure steam
  • Brass and cast-iron Y-strainers to protect equipment controlling the free flow of water, steam, or gases
  • Brass radiator valves with on/off control

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