Kerr Pump & Supply is a Stoddard Silencer distributor for the state of Michigan. Stoddard Silencers manufacture some of the finest industrial equipment silencer and air filter solutions available on the market. They help prevent excessive noise which can lead to equipment damage. They help regulate airflow and contaminants, which also reduces noise.

Stoddard Silencers has been manufacturing industrial equipment silencer and filter solutions for well over 40 years. With expertise developed over generations, the integrated sales and engineering staff remains at the leading edge of industrial equipment silencer research and development.

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Kerr is a Stoddard Silencers distributor for the following solutions:

Rotary Blower Silencers

Rotary positive displacement blowers produce pulsations and noise. Rotary PD silencers help prevent damage to downstream equipment and excessive noise.

Intake Silencers: The inlet to a rotary PD blower is open to the surrounding environment. Intake Silencers serve to smooth out the slugs of air that are sucked into the blower and reduce the noise from the blower inlet.

Discharge Silencers: Rotary positive displacement blowers discharge the air in slugs compressed by the line pressure, which can be destructive to equipment downstream. Discharge Silencers reduce these pulsations and smooth out the air flow. The pulsations can vary from 40% to 80% of the absolute line pressure; with proper discharge silencers, the fluctuation will be no more than 1-2% of the absolute line pressure.

Air Filter & Filter Silencers

Blowers, compressors, fans, turbines, and engines all require clean air to work efficiently. Stoddard Silencers manufactures a full range of cartridge style and panel style Intake Air Filters and Intake Filter Silencers to provide the clean air needed. Panel filters and filter silencers allow the airflow necessary for larger blowers, compressors, and centrifugal fans. Inline Air Filters are also available for both pressure and vacuum systems.

Vacuum Silencers

Stoddard Silencers manufactures vacuum blower silencers for Dry Rotary Positive Displacement Blowers, Water sealed Rotary Positive Displacement Blowers, and Liquid Ring Vacuum pumps. Having the right style of vacuum blower silencer for the type of vacuum blower maximizes efficiency and noise control.

Originally dry vacuum blowers were limited in the depth of vacuum they could produce without overheating. With jet port blowers, deeper vacuum can be achieved, but a silencer is required on the jet port and on the blower discharge. However, no Intake Silencer is required. A properly sized discharge silencer for a dry vacuum blower prevents standing noise waves that can travel long distances and create objectionable noise levels.

Water Sealed Rotary PD Blowers cool the blower by injecting water into the blower inlet. The water seals the blower, allowing deeper vacuum levels and absorbing much of the generated heat. Stoddard manufactures silencers to remove 95% or 99% of the free water in the discharge air stream.

Water Ring Vacuum Pumps (or liquid ring vacuum pumps) use a column of water and multiple vanes to create the necessary vacuum, and are used in wet applications where there is water already present in the system prior to the pump. A separator silencer prior to the pump’s inlet is used to remove the entrained water, and another separator silencer on the discharge removes and recirculate water that is used to effect the vacuum within the pump.

Centrifugal Blower Silencers & Fan Silencers

Stoddard manufactures round centrifugal industrial fan silencers that attenuate mid to high frequency noise from fans. In addition, Stoddard manufactures a silencer for single and multi-stage centrifugal blowers, which have a large number of blades to generate air flow, so the noise they generate is predominantly high frequency. Stoddard’s centrifugal blower silencer is designed with a blocked line of sight, which forces the noise to flow around the annular passages, ensuring maximum attenuation.

Vent Silencers

Vent silencers are designed to help with unhealthy noise levels resulting from release of high pressure steam or gas through a control, relief, or safety valve. Stoddard manufactures vent silencers with a diffuser and an acoustical section to help fine tune the necessary attenuation required by each vent application.

How to Install Stoddard Silencers

Stoddard Silencer and Filters Installation and Operation Manuals

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