Kerr Pump & Supply is an IC Flow Dosing & Transfer pumps distributor for the state of Michigan. IC Flow is a leading global specialist in fluid technology solutions. The IC Flow product range includes high pressure dosing pumps & transfer pumps with a broad range of applications.

Kerr relies on IC Flow’s 20 years of experience and expertise in fluid control technologies to offer our customers specialized pump systems for dosing, metering and transfer. These pumps are available with a variety of application specific options and advanced design features, so customers get the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions.

Kerr Pump & Supply can quickly ship your IC Flow high pressure dosing & transfer pumps order.

As an IC Flow distributor, Kerr offers the following IC Flow solutions:

IC Flow High Pressure Dosing & Transfer Pumps

Dosing pumps are designed to deliver or control how much fluid passes through a system. A dosing pump is capable of dispensing a predetermined volume of fluid intermittently.

ZPD External Gear Dosing Pumps

Flexible ZPD external gear pumps, the ZPD are available in cast iron and stainless-steel bodies, with 43 displacement sizes, 5 shaft seal options, and multiple bearing and wear plate choices. These gear pumps are specifically used for wide flow range metering applications and transfer applications. Volumetric efficiency values of over 90 % are typically achieved.

  • Low-pulsation
  • Precise dosing
  • High pressures
  • Large flow range
  • Multiple construction material options
  • Multiple sealing options

In addition, an alternative design for start-stop dosing is available. The high-precision ZPDA dosing pump model provides a constant flow with very rapid pressure build-up.

ECO.pump Stainless Steel Dosing Pumps

ECO.pump stainless steel dosing pumps are both capable and economical, designed to meter viscous media up to 200,000 cPs. These pumps are designed with a compact stainless-steel body so they can be used as an in-line device while maintaining rust free integrity for a variety of metering pump needs. These pumps feature:

  • Low-pulsation dosing
  • Fast, easy assembly and disassembly
  • Economical, light weight design

DARTec® Metering & Dosing Pump

DARTec external gear dosing pumps are engineered for high precision dosing of thermally reactive fluids. A sealed needle bearing system prevents shear and frictional heat by eliminating material contact with bearings. This design improves efficiency and reduces the amount of solvent required to flush the pump and reduces downtime between jobs.

The DARTec metering pump features:

  • Low-pulsation and exact dosing
  • High-precision start-stop-dosing
  • Low mass options
  • High inlet pressure
  • High efficiency

VISCO.pump® Low Shear Dosing Pump

With the VISCO progressive cavity pump, the eccentric movement of the rotor allows a low-shear motion of the medium from one chamber to the next without compressing the media. Therefore, dispensing proportional to speed, repeatability, and accuracy is ± 1%. The VISCO.pump provides an ideal solution for applications that require reliability and repeatability.

  • High dosing accuracy, ± 1% volumetric
  • Continuous dosing
  • Low pulsation and shear
  • Speed proportional transfer
  • Closed valveless system
  • Suitable for abrasive media

IC Flow High Pressure Dosing & Transfer Pump Applications

IC Flow transfer & dosing pumps are commonly used for applications in a wide variety of industries:

  • Chemical
  • Dyes and paints
  • Coatings
  • Oil hydraulics
  • Plastics
  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical

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