>Kerr Pump & Supply is a distributor of 3-A and BPE compliant sanitary fittings, tubing, elbows and tees as well as diaphragm, butterfly, ball and check valves, from the Top Line Process Equipment Company.   These sanitary stainless steel fittings and flow control equipment are designed specifically for the Food, Beverage, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Personal Care industries.

Top Line Process Equipment Company has been a leading supplier of quality hygienic stainless-steel process equipment for over 50 years.  Top Line consistently meets important tolerances and finish specifications with rigid quality assurance checks, followed by shrink wrapping to ensure safety during shipping.   Their skilled craftsmen follow the highest standards in their modern, well equipped manufacturing facilities in Pennsylvania.

Top Line 3-A and BPE Compliant Fittings & Valves



Top Line products are designed and built to meet the most stringent requirements of ultra-pure processing, including the 3-A and the BPE specifications for dimension, surface finish and tolerance.   Top Line’s fittings and other components are ideal for pharmaceutical, biotechnological and other ultra-pure industries, as well as food, beverage & dairy.  Top Line components feature:

  • Type 316L stainless steel
  • Clamp or weld end connections
  • Pin stamping of heat numbers and stainless-steel grades
  • High quality electropolishing or other finishes to suit your needs
  • 100% BPE compliant or 3-A compliant
  • Full material traceability

Top Line Stainless Steel Fittings & Accessories

Top Line offers various 3-A and BPA compliant fittings, elbows & tees.  This includes:



  • Clamp fittings
  • Butt Weld Fittings
  • Tube O.D. Fittings
  • BPE Fittings
  • Bevel
  • TI-Line
  • John Perry Fittings
  • Clamps
  • Ferrules
  • Adapters
  • Caps

Top Line Stainless Steel Tubing

Top Line maintains a large inventory of welded stainless-steel tubing to quickly ship tubing in lengths up to 20, packaged in tri-wall corrugated cartons equipped with wooden ends to protect each piece from damage.  Tubing types 304 and 316L SS are available in sizes from 1/2″ OD – 8″ OD produced to ASTM specifications A249, A269, and A270.


Top-Flo Diaphragm valves, because of their unique design, reliability, versatility, and ease of maintenance, they have been the ideal choice for high purity process piping applications. The forged body is an optimal choice for applications within the bio-processing and pharmaceutical industries.


Top-Flo Ball valves are built to exact specifications and constructed to perform flawlessly in challenging environments. Top Line’s Ball Valves are utilized by firms which demand the uncompromising ability to regulate flow – from full flow open to various degrees of closure.


Top-Flo Sanitary Check valves

The K45MP series disc type check valve is 3-A certified and is fully constructed of 316L stainless steel materials. Simple construction using a standard body clamp allows for easy inspection and maintenance. The K45MP can be used in both vertical and horizontal applications.


The T45MP disc type 316L check valve can be used in a variety of hygienic processes depending on construction selected including product contact systems, compendial water systems, clean steam systems, and clean gas (oxygen, nitrogen, pharma clean air).  Standard FKM internal seal material is FDA conforming and USP Class VI certified.  Internal surface finishes available are BPE Codes SF1, SF4, and SF5.  The size range is ½” – 8”.


Top-Flo Butterfly valves incorporate advanced design characteristics with the finest craftsmanship and construction. They are available in various sizes – ½” – 8″.

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