Kerr Pump & Supply is a stocking Pentair Aurora Pump distributor in Michigan.  Aurora manufacturers pumps and pump systems used in a variety of markets including Commercial, Industrial and Municipal applications throughout the world. Aurora pumps are known for consistent, quality manufacturing and performance that outlasts competitors.

Kerr Pump & Supply draws on Aurora’s 100 years of experience to provide the right pumping solution for each application.  As an Aurora Pump distributor, Kerr Pump & Supply offers a broad range of Aurora products, including Aurora pump parts.



Pentair Aurora 3800 Series Single Stage End Suction Centrifugal Pumps



Aurora 3800 series pumps are designed to easily handle the increased volumes, temperatures, and pressures associated with modern liquid handling requirements. The 3800 series offers a sturdy, quiet, smooth running pumps with longer life cycles.

The updated pump design features upgraded materials of construction and shared hydraulics. The 3800 series continues to offer industry leading durability, and the design prioritizes interchangeability, offering direct replacement to the largest installed base of pumps.


Aurora Inline and Split Case Centrifugal Pumps




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Aurora inline pumps offer reduced corrosion and chemical resistance. Premium construction materials exceed DOE energy standards, improve energy efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs. Aurora in-line pumps are designed to mount directly in a pipeline and to reduce the space required in a pump room.

Split case pumps provide energy efficiency, lower operational costs and quiet operation. Several models are available including:


    • vertical and horizontal
    • single stage and two stage
    • diesel and electric fire pumps



Aurora Pumps Booster Systems


Aurora Booster Systems

Booster systems are designed to efficiently increase the pressure and volume of water.

Aurora booster systems are available with vertical stackable pumps for variable flows, and also in constant pressure models (optionally with variable speed).


Aurora Regenerative Turbine



Regenerative turbine pumps have a rotating impeller that moves fluid through a circular pumping chamber. Applications include boiler feed, condensate return, booster system, jockey pumps, chlorine injection and more.

Aurora’s single stage and two stage turbine pump models are well suited for:


    • high head/low flow requirements
    • liquids entrained with gases and vapors (up to 20%)
    • constant flows





Aurora Vertical Multi-Stage Pumps

Aurora vertical in-line multistage pumps feature stainless steel stage construction. These versatile pumps offer:


    • flanged, NPT, or grooved connection options
    • easily replaceable cartridge mechanical seal
    • optional space saving jockey pump design



Aurora Solids Handling Pumps



Solids Handling Pumps handle difficult, abrasive slurries in industrial applications. We offer solids handling pumps to support a range of needs.


    • horizontal and vertical models
    • one stage and two stage
    • designed for varying degrees of flooding
    • manufactured for medium and heavy duty sludge and slurry pumping



Aurora End Suction Pumps



With updated designs and upgraded construction materials, Aurora End Suction Pumps:


    • exceed DOE energy standards
    • improve energy efficiency
    • reduce maintenance costs and deliver savings


Aurora centrifugal models offer the sturdiest power frames in the industry, while close coupled and flexible coupled models are known for low noise levels. Available in horizontal and vertical single stage models.


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