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Hoffman & Lamson Blowers & Engineered Vacuum Systems (EVS)

Hoffman & Lamson LogoKerr Pump and Supply is now the authorized Michigan distributor for Hoffman & Lamson Centrifugal Blowers & Engineered Vacuum Systems.

For more than 115 years, the Hoffman® and Lamson® brands have been well known for Industrial centrifugal blower and engineered vacuum solutions and are now part of the Gardner Denver family of products.

Hoffman & Lamson Centrifugal Blowers & Engineered Vacuum Systems (EVS)

Hoffman Lamson high pressure blowerHoffman & Lamson have a comprehensive selection of centrifugal blowers with technology that will maximize productivity and minimize energy costs for your applications. There are over 100,000 centrifugal blowers and engineered vacuum systems in operation worldwide.

Centrifugal blowers are available in:

  • Cast or fabricated multistage
  • High speed turbo
  • Re-manufactured
  • Regenerative
  • Blower Packages

Applications for Hoffman & Lamson centrifugal blowers include:

  • Industrial processing – centrifugal blowers provide air or gas for sulfur recovery, combustion air, process gas boosting, coal mine venting, fluidized bed combustion systems, vapor and gas extraction, landfill gas, composting, sludge incineration, CO2 compression, air knives and printing systems.
  • Engineered vacuum systems (EVS)centrifugal blowers are used as an exhauster to pick up, convey and capture a myriad of materials ranging from aluminum granules to corn flakes.
  • Other air handling applications

What is the difference between a Centrifugal Blower and Exhauster?

Hoffman Lamson VaccumBlowers and exhausters circulate air or gas but the process of circulation is different.

  • Exhausters are the heart of vacuum systems.
  • Blowers channel air or gas in a specific direction.

Exhausters are designed to provide continuous flow and pulse-free air while delivering quiet and clean vacuum. These units are practically maintenance free with only one moving part and no timing gears. Bearings require only occasional greasing and the shaft seals are non- contacting and non-wearing.

A blower is a low pressure, high volume compressor. Blowers are applied to systems that require the machine to provide positive pressure. These units take ambient air or gas from supply and compress the air or gas to produce the required result.

Industrial Central Vacuum Systems

The Hoffman & Lamson brands have been providing industrial central vacuum solutions for various applications for more than 100 years, manufacturing a central vacuum system designed with optimum performance and capability at the lowest operational expense possible.

We offer:

  • Vacuum Collectors & Separators
  • Vacuum Hoses & Tools
  • Tubing & Fitting
  • Flux Recovery Vacuum Systems
  • T-Vac Self-contained systems
  • Portables

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