Kerr Pump & Supply works with Teikoku to offer Canned Motor pumps – ChemPump and DynaPump.  Teikoku is the world’s largest supplier of canned motor pumps with over 400,000 units installed worldwide, covering every application with the widest range of hydraulic coverage and designs available. For over 50 years, Teikoku has designed and manufactured both pumps and motors, insuring total quality control to meet any requirement for safety, performance and maximizing up-time.

Teikoku Canned Motor Pumps are specified often to replace troublesome and costly conventionally sealed pumps. Every pump is supplied with an electronic bearing wear monitor that indicates actual, real-time bearing condition with on-board display and options.

Kerr offers Teikoku parts and an extensive service department that can assist with any repair that is needed. Our service technicians are fully insured, certified and factory trained to ensure your satisfaction.

As a Teikoku distributor in Michigan, Kerr Pump & Supply offers the following Teikoku products:


Teikoku Canned Motor Pumps



Teikoku canned motor pumps are 100% leak proof by design, with secondary containment and sealless operation. Teikoku pumps feature:


  • No leakage or emissions
  • Airtight design
  • No shaft seal
  • No external lubrication
  • Vacuum to high system pressure
  • Compact design
  • Quiet operation
  • Explosion proof
  • API 610/685 nozzle loads
  • Field repairable
  • Electronic bearing monitors


Teikoku Hybrid Guardian Monitor

The Dual Function Rotor Position Monitor for Teikoku Canned Motor Pumps provides monitoring of both the direction and range of hydraulic axial thrust, which indicates the direction and amount of axial and radial bearing wear.


Teikoku Rotary Guardian Monitor

The Dual Function Rotor Position Monitor for sealless pump monitoring and reliability monitors current conditions and helps develop data-based preventative maintenance schedules.


Custom Made Teikoku Canned Motor Pumps

Teikoku also manufactures custom canned motor pumps for diversified customer needs.


ChemPump NC Series Pumps



ChemPump NC is the only canned motor pump to meet two industry standard sealless pump specifications as standardly produced:


  • ASME B73.3M Specification for Sealless Horizontal End Suction Centrifugal Pumps for Chemical Process
  • Hydraulic Institute’s Sealless Centrifugal Pumps Standard ANSI/HI-5.1-5.6 for both performance and dimensional standards

In addition, upgrades to standard ASME B73.3 supply can bring NC Series pumps up to API 685 compliance.





ChemPump G Series Pumps

ChemPump G models feature:


  • Automatic hydraulic thrust balance
  • Replaceable thrust surface designs
  • Direction of rotation indication
  • Precision front and rear bearings


DynaPump Series Pumps



DynaPump designs feature a pump and motor combined into one hermetically sealed unit, preventing fluids from leaking out or contaminates from seeping in.


  • maximum reliability
  • design simplicity
  • sealless performance
  • relatively low cost
  • fractional to 5 horsepower units
  • designed for a range of corrosive, volatile, expensive and other hard to handle fluids


DynaPump LE Series Pumps


Dynapump LE centrifugal and regenerative turbine pumps are designed for simple and standard ANSI pump applications or low flow, high head requirements.



Chem/Meter Pumps



Chem/Meter pumps are highly reliable diaphragm metering pumps featuring:


  • Electronic automated flow control
  • Leak detection
  • Modular steady flow performance


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