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Kerr Pump & Supply is a distributor for JWC Environmental, Monster Industrial line, specializing in the Shredder packages.  Monster Industrial Shredders break the toughest solids down to size.  They are specifically designed with dual shafts that run at low speed to deliver incredible power for shredding.

Monster has been designing equipment for wet and dry applications for over 40 years.  They are perfect for recycling, waste to energy, commercial facility sewage, food processing, oil & gas, and more.

3-Shred and 4-Shred


  • Reduce waste volume to minimize waste removal transportation costs.
  • Improve efficiency of digester or composter system with increased surface area.
  • Minimize costs by  reusing process waste in a closed loop system.
  • High-torque industrial shredders easily grind the toughest debris, including rocks, wood, clothing, plastic.
  • Reduce interrupts & optimize grinder performance with the automated monitoring and controls.
  • Food grade nickel plated housing and stainless steel cutting chamber components are optional.
  • Long Life hardened steel cutters.
  • Increase throughput and speed of cutter clean out with integrated steel scrapers.
  • Whatever your application,  Monster shredders offer various cutter configurations and materials available to optimize the grinder performance.

Typical applications include agriculture, petroleum, food waste, slaughterhouse, martime, product destruction.

7- Shred

These shredders give you all the features and benefits of the 3-4 Shred PLUS the ability to precondition materials for enhanced processing and equipment protection.

Recommended applications include Waste Reduction, Waste To Energy, Product Destruction, Slaughterhouse.


Compact shredder fits into limited space areas, even retrofitting into you existing facility, while still providing the necessary power to cut down tough food waste, small bones, wood or even occasional flatware.  You get the same benefits of the 3-4 shredders PLUS electricity savings due to energy efficient motors.

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