Kerr is a stocking distributor for MD-Kinney Vacuum Pumps and Vacuum Boosters for Michigan.  MD-Kinney products perform reliably and ruggedly – even when used in harsh processes – and for a variety of applications and industries.  With Kerr’s assistance, MD-Kinney application experts can even design and manufacture custom vacuum systems built specifically for your needs.

Larry at Forming Technologies states “As a leader in heavy gauge thermoformed products, we rely on efficient and dependable equipment.  That’s why we switched to MD Kinney for our vacuum pumps.  They are reliable, quiet, efficient and easy to maintain.  Kerr Pump provides the support and equipment availability we need.”

Following are the types of MD-Kinney vacuum pumps that Kerr offers.

MD-Kinney Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

When it comes to reliable and efficient vacuum processes, MD-Kinney offers 2 rugged and dependable liquid ring vacuum pump options: A Series and KLRC.

The A Series is built to run in the most severe of industrial conditions. Axial flow design allows the pump to operate flooded, without damage. It is not unusual for these pumps to run 24/7 operations for years without maintenance.

The KLRC liquid ring vacuum pump is ideally suited for pumping wet mixtures, even slugs of liquid with the potential to pull down as low as 4 Torr (5.3 mbar).

MD-Kinney Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

MD-Kinney’s rotary vane vacuum pumps offer a simple compact design that ensures the reliability, durability and ease of use required in the vacuum industry.  Most models can achieve ultimate vacuum levels near 0.075 Torr (0.375 Torr with gas ballast in operation). Two models are offered with different capacities:  KVA and KVO.

MD-Kinney Rotary Piston Vacuum Pumps

All MD-Kinney rotary piston vacuum pumps offer High Pumping Capacity at Low Pressure

They feature no metal-to-metal contact between pump piston and cylinder and clearances are filled with oil. With duplex or triplex piston design options and your choice of air-cooled or water-cooled, you are guaranteed to find a high pumping capacity solution designed specifically to your operating parameters within the KT, KC, KTC, KD, or KDH series.

MD-Kinney Vacuum Boosters

Vacuum boosters increase pumping speed,reduce costs, increase flow and improve energy efficiency.

MD-Kinney vacuum boosters are designed to handle your toughest applications. Vacuum boosters are positive-displacement dry pumps that supercharge vacuum pumps to provide an easy way to increase your flow — your cfm — and achieve deeper vacuum.

How do Vacuum Boosters Work?

Vacuum boosters use two-lobe rotors spinning in opposite directions to remove gas. This creates much faster pumping speeds and deeper vacuum levels and provides a quick way to get more cfm in the deep end with considerable money savings on equipment and horsepower requirements.  Each booster pump is designed for specific CFM ranges.

Increasing a vacuum pump or vacuum system’s cfm reduces the evacuation time while increasing the ultimate vacuum of the backing pump by as much as eight times. When used separately to discharge the atmosphere, inlet pressure is typically limited to half-atmosphere.

The advantage is evident when placed in series with another vacuum pump. This provides higher pumping capacity and lower pressures typically at lower cost and power consumption. The backing pump can be an oil-sealed piston or vane pump; a liquid ring pump utilizing a variety of different sealants from water, solvents, or oil; or a dry vacuum pump.

Standard construction materials consist of a cast iron housing, end plates, and port fitting with ductile iron rotors and shafts. Special materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, ductile iron, and Bi-Protec are also offered. This allows MD-Kinney vacuum boosters the flexibility to be utilized in a vast array of extreme or harsh applications where continuous operations are imperative.

MD-Kinney Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps

Save maintenance costs and reduce oil usage with MD-Kinney Dry screw vacuum pumps.  They are environmentally friendly with less oil that needs disposal.  Two models, KDP and SDV, are more efficient than liquid sealed models and are well suited for industrial and process applications.

The KDP’s simple, robust design can handle process by-products – liquids, condensate, and even small particles. The SDV’s space saving C-face motor design eliminates the need for motor coupling and guard, with Niflon coated internals to reduce damage from corrosive or condensate gases.

MD-Kinney Dry Claw Vacuum Pump Solutions

The KVC Dry Claw Vacuum Pump operates efficiently & economically with contactless & oil-free dry compression.

How do Dry Claw Pumps Work?

The claw pump has two contact free claw-shaped rotors, turning in opposite directions from one another. These rotors are timed and synchronized using a high-performance gearbox.

As the rotors turn, the claw travels over the suction connection, pulling inlet gas into the compression chamber. As rotors continue to rotate, gas moves from the suction side to the pressure side. It is then compressed by the reduction of volume between the rotors.

During this process, the discharge channel is temporarily sealed by the lower rotor. The gas then travels out the discharge channel once it reaches maximum compression.

Engineered Vacuum Solutions

Kerr offers many of MD-Kinney’s standard vacuum pump systems.  Select the best combination of components for your process requirements.  Accessories can include any combination of dry screw vacuum pumps, liquid ring vacuum pumps, vacuum boosters, electric motors, direct or V-belt drive, coolant recirculation systems, instrumentation, controls, skid piping, and valves. Kerr application engineers are ready to help you select the best combinations of components for your specific needs.

Systems include: ACRP, Close Coupled, Vapor Handling, Compact Booster Variable Systems, Compact Envelope Systems, Oil filled Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems, Central Vacuum Systems, Duplex and Simplex Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems.

Vacuum Pump MD Oil Lubricant

Improper lubrication is one of the main causes of blower and vacuum booster failures.

MD lubricants ensure the highest quality of operation, allowing you to achieve a longer life over mineral oil or semi-synthetic lubricants due to its specific formulation, especially in high temperature conditions.

MD full synthetic lubricants are specifically formulated for use in MD-Kinney products and is the only lubricant recommended. Choose from MD ONE, MD PLUS, MD MAX, MD FG.

Download the MD Lubricants catalog

MD-Kinney Factory Certified Service Center

From installation to on-site repair, our Kerr technicians know how to repair or service your MD-Kinney products.  MD-Kinney is known for its tough, rugged design of blowers and vacuum pumps.  Let Kerr keep them running at peak capacity.  Contact Kerr Service today.

Kerr also offers MD-Kinney Pneumatics Blowers.

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