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Syncroflo Pump Systems

syncroflo-pump-logoKerr Pump & Supply is a proud distributor of SyncroFlo Packaged Pump Systems, ready for installation when you get it.  Fully assembled, tested, skidded and delivered to your site with the highest quality and simplest installation, SycroFlo pioneered pre-assembled pumping systems more than 50 years ago and are still recognized as the experts on pre-built, pre-tested systems.

SyncroFlo is unique in that they are the only manufacturer that makes packaged pump systems for municipal, plumbing, HVAC, industrial, fire protection, turf and golf course irrigation. This diversity allows the technologies developed for other product market to be leveraged for any custom application.

Kerr Pump & Supply offers the following SyncroFlo Systems:

Automatic HVAC Pump:  A truly automatic system, with no tinkering or maintenance.  We build our HVAC systems in-house and test, adjust and pre-certify every system for both performance and safety.

Package Fire Pump: Cost effective and completely self-contained skidded or housed units precisely fit specified areas and require only system piping connections and a single point electrical hook-up.  Housings are built to accommodate required environments with lighting, heating, ventilation, insulation, weather protection, alarms and easy access opening.

Irrigation Systems:  The Eagle® line is specifically designed for golf courses and similar mission-critial turf irrigation applications.  The Gator®  line is designed for more traditional commercial and residential turf irrigation purposes.  Designed for flow and pressure conditions, this pumping system reacts to condition changes in a snap and performs day after day.

Rainwater Treatment: The EnviroHeart line of rainwater treatment and pumping packages designed for plumbing applications in commercial buildings.

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