Kerr Pump & Supply is the Republic Manufacturing distributor for the state of Michigan. Republic blowers have long been a leading choice for industrial blowers, and Republic air knives add to the product portfolio.

Kerr trusts Republic Manufacturing’s reputation and 60 years+ of experience and expertise in air moving equipment for industrial applications. As a Republic Manufacturing distributor, Kerr provides complete Republic blower systems as well as Republic Manufacturing blower parts.

Kerr Pump & Supply can quickly ship your Republic Manufacturing blowers order or help you find the right Republic Blowers solution.

Kerr distributes the following Republic Manufacturing blowers and related products:


Republic Blowers

Republic blowers offer centrifugal and regenerative blowers for air drying systems that are much more efficient than compressed air systems.


With a centrifugal blower, the impeller spins, and air entering through the center is divided between the vanes. The turning of the impeller accelerates the air outwards via centrifugal force. Pressure is created by diffusing and slowing down high-velocity air in the surrounding blower housing.

Republic Centrifugal Blowers require low energy consumption and provide dry, clean, oil-free air. They are safe to run at low pressure or at increased production speeds. The centrifugal blower features:

  • ceramic hybrid bearings
  • rotatable outlet discharge
  • easy to remove steel bearing housing assembly
  • zinc planted steel motor pulley

Options include explosion proof motors, washdown motors, IEC or NEMA Premium motors.



Republic regenerative blowers (Side Channel Blowers) are designed to allow cooler air to come in during the second stage of a two-stage blower, thereby cooling the blower. This design reduces failures and offers longer bearing life. The bearings are outside the compression chamber, maximizing reliability under high differential pressure.

Republic Regenerative Blowers are:

  • available in single stage (one impeller), double stage (two impeller), or triple stage (three impeller)
  • low friction, with impeller directly connected to the motor shaft

Regenerative blowers reduce the cost of drying compared to compressed air, providing a moderate pressure with a lot higher volume of air.



Republic Axial Fans are designed for removal of contaminated air or hot air in industrial applications, and also to supply air through ductwork to pressurize or cool interiors. They are:

  • low maintenance
  • oil-free
  • ideal for low to medium pressure-ducted applications
  • mounted either vertically or horizontally


Republic Air Knives remove 99.9% of liquid, dust, and debris. They offer a high velocity, high impact air stream for use before labeling, ink jet laser coating, packaging, or other secondary operations.

Republic air knives feature:

  • extruded aluminum or stainless steel construction
  • 2” to 196” length with adjustable gap for better air stream control
  • optional heat source for high temperature applications or cold air system to cool parts


Kerr Pump & Supply provides Republic Manufacturing blower parts, including replacement parts for

  • Howden Roots blowers
  • Centrifugal blowers
  • Regenerative blowers

Whether you need repair kits, pulleys, bushings, replacement vanes, or relief valves, contact Kerr for your Republic Manufacturing blower parts needs.


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