Kerr Pump & Supply is an EFI-Solutions Water and Wastewater System distributor for the state of Michigan. EFI-Solutions is a leader in custom packaged water distribution known for innovative designs and proven components.


Kerr provides EFI-solutions for a range of wastewater applications. EFI has been a pioneer in the field of packaged equipment for the wastewater equipment market since 1964. With this background, EFI has established leadership in the assembly of wastewater pumps, valves, meters, and controls. EFI-Solutions product lines include:


  • small water treatment plants
  • sewage lift stations
  • water booster pumping stations
  • master meter stations
  • simple telemetry
  • above and below ground booster pump stations
  • control vault stations & control systems

As an EFI distributor, Kerr Pump & Supply can quickly assist with your EFI order or help you determine the wastewater solution best suited to your needs.

Kerr is an EFI-Solutions Wastewater System distributor in Michigan for the following solutions:


Custom Engineered Process Integrations

Whether wastewater originates from water use in domestic, industrial, commercial, agricultural, storm-water, surface runoff, or sewer inflow or infiltration environments, it all must be contained in the tank correctly to prevent harm to the environment. EFI-Solutions water & wastewater systems are customized based on size specifications, capabilities, and location where the waste water needs to go.


Water & Wastewater Customized or Prepackaged Systems

Kerr and EFI-Solutions offer customized solutions to fit your needs best. We always take into consideration your system size specifications, capabilities, and location. Systems can be skid mounted, buried, fabricated from steel, concrete capsule enclosures, or small steel skid/tub with fiberglass lid.

In addition to custom wastewater solutions, Kerr offers EFI prepackaged systems including The Water-Shed® and Sewer-Shed™. From packaged control valve vaults to packaged multi-unit, smart, integral equipment enclosures, prepackaged solutions can be time and budget friendly.

A Sewer-Shed™ ensures easy access to the safe collection of your waste water for proper disposal or treatment. A Sewer-Shed™ safely stores everyday water usage with the components needed to run properly year-round.



EFI-Solutions Water Distribution Resources

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