Kerr Pump & Supply is an official TMS vacuum pump distributor in both Michigan and the Greater Toledo Ohio area. Total Maintenance Solutions (TMS) has been known as a manufacturer of innovative vacuum pumps and vacuum pump boosters since 2000. As a TMS vacuum pump distributor, Kerr Pump & Supply stocks TMS products and parts for the following TMS solutions:

  • Rotary Lobe Vacuum Boosters
  • Rotary Vane Pumps

Rotary Lobe Vacuum Boosters

TMS rotating lobe vacuum pump boosters are available in several models – 1000, 1500, 2000. Each TMS vacuum booster features an innovative coupler element design, so removing the motor is not required when the coupler element requires replacement. Additional TMS rotating lobe vacuum booster features include:

  • Optional stainless steel motors. Boosters that are subject to a daily wash down will perform better and last longer before needing repair or replacement.
  • Cup-less shaft seal oil lubrication. Because no oil cup is required with this design, contamination and subsequent booster failure are greatly reduced.

Rotary Vane Pumps

TMS rotating vane vacuum pumps incorporate several features to improve longevity and ease of maintenance. Seven models are available ranging from 3 to 25 HP and 41 to 490 CFM. TMS vacuum pumps offer:

  • Solid US steel construction
  • Pre-greased bearing to prevent over greasing
  • Unique coupler design that reduces downtime, potential injury, and vibration that causes premature bearing and seal failure (larger pumps only)
  • Washable, reusable prefilter for oil cooler to prevent contaminants that interfere with the ability to maintain proper temperature
  • Integrated oil return port for straightforward removal and cleaning
  • Solid aluminum exhaust filter support hanger (vs spring style) for easier maintenance
  • Rear cover to allow inspection of O ring contact

TMS Vacuum Pumps, Parts & Repair

Kerr Pump & Supply offers TMS vacuum pumps, parts & repair service as well as vacuum pump service for all major brands. Kerr technicians are trained and experienced in complete vacuum pump repair:

  • Bearings, seals, and sleeves
  • Gaskets and O rings
  • Carbon fiber vanes
  • Exhaust filters, oil filters, and oil

In addition, we offer TMS vacuum pump reconditioning and replacement of missing or damaged TMS parts. Kerr Pump & Supply provides genuine TMS vacuum pump parts and vacuum pump supplies including exhaust and oil filters, filter kits, and vacuum pump oil.


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