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Kerr is an authorized Corken distributor for Corken Compressors &  Corken Pumps, bypass valves, and accessories.  For nearly 100 years, Corken has specialized in custom compressor packaging and pump skids designed for liquefied gas transfer, liquid transfer, air boosting, and vapor recovery applications within the process gas, energy, and transport industries.

Kerr offers Corken parts and an extensive service department that can assist with any pump repair that is needed. Our service technicians are fully insured, certified factory trained to ensure your satisfaction.

As a Corken distributor in Michigan, Kerr offers liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), industrial gas compressor, and industrial pumping solutions. Each compressor and pump’s standard mounting can be modified to meet special requirements for an application.

Corken LP Gas Plant

Corken Liquefied Petroleum Gas Solutions

Corken LPG solutions include:

  • Stationary and Truck Pumps
  • Dispensing Solutions
  • Reciprocating Compressors
  • Terminal & Bulk Plant Solutions
  • Truck & Transport Solutions
  • Custom Solutions

Corken Industrial Gas Compressor Solutions

Corken offers one of the most versatile lines of small horsepower (7.5 to 75 hp) reciprocating gas compressors in the world. Designs include vertical and horizontal, single- or two-stage, double or triple packed, air or water-cooled, and NPT or ANSI flange connections.

Vertical Reciprocating Compressors are designed with double (D-Style) and triple (T-Style) packed piston rods. Both offer oil-free compression.

Horizontal Reciprocating Compressors are available in single and triple packed configurations. The triple packed T-Style offers oil-free compression.


Industrial Pump Solutions

Sliding Vane Pumps are positive displacement pumps used in a wide range of applications within the LPG, refined fuels, and chemical industries, commonly for applications requiring flow rates of 20 gpm or more. These pumps can handle small amounts of vapor and offer exceptional performance with light liquids and liquefied gases. Sliding vane pumps feature:

  • an adjustable internal relief valve and self-adjusting sliding vanes and vane drivers to improve pumping efficiency
  • maintenance that simply requires removing the pump cover for full access to the rotor, cam, side plates, seals, and bearings
  • gear reducer, V-belt and hydraulic drive options
  • mechanically sealed with a silicon carbide seal seat

Regenerative turbine pumps pressurize fluid much like a centrifugal pump. The liquid is circulated between the teeth of an impeller rotating between the pump casing and head. Regenerative turbine pumps are:

  • low maintenance due to the free-floating impeller, which eliminates metal-to-metal contact
  • compact
  • pulse free
  • single stage
  • designed for continuous duty applications
  • well suited for low capacity applications with moderate to high differential pressures

Corken Compressor & Pump Accessories

Corken offers a range of specialized pump and compressor accessories for the LPG industry including bypass valves, flow control valves, differential bypass valves, 4-way valves, strainers, low oil pressure switches, pressure gauges and automatic and mechanical liquid traps.

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