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Kerr Pump & Supply is an All Prime distributor for the complete line of All Prime self-priming pumps. These pumps are designed for quick, easy access to interior parts for cleaning and inspection. In addition, All Prime pumps and parts are completely interchangeable with the industry leader, making it easy to replace and repair any of your pump parts.


  • An efficient design ensures that maintenance is simple and quick.
  • The front clean out cover and the rotating assembly can be removed without disturbing the piping, so you can inspect and clean without disconnecting pipe work.
  • All models feature shim-less external impeller adjustment, and automatic self-priming that does not require a suction check valve.
  • All Prime pumps are known for their solids handling capabilities, large pump range, and diverse materials of construction.
  • All Prime pumps are used for a wide variety of applications including wastewater, industrial, construction, and agriculture.
  • They are known for their efficient handling of liquids such as sewage, industrial effluents, and water.

Kerr Pump & Supply is an All Prime distributor in Michigan for the following products:


All Prime Pump S-line


All Prime S-line Pump

The S series models are high solids capacity pumps available in ranges between 2” – 12”, available in diverse materials of construction, with a range of solids handling capabilities, and different speeds for various conditions. These pumps offer easy and quick maintenance and operation.



All Prime I-line Pump

The I series models are high efficiency pumps available in diverse construction materials, as well as a range of speeds for various conditions. I series models also offer easy and quick maintenance and operation.


All Prime Self Priming Pumps – S Series & I Series Design Features

All Prime pumps are designed for ease of maintenance and efficiency.


  • Rugged open impellers are designed to keep seal pressure low and reduce solids buildup in the stuffing box.
  • An easy to use external impeller clearance adjustment system allows the impeller and wear plate to operate with optimum clearances without disassembly.
  • When clogs occur, the removable suction cover allows quick unclogging.
  • All primary wear parts, seal, impeller and wear plate can be changed through a removable suction cover.
  • Both the I series and S series pumps are equipped with a suction check valve to speed self-priming and eliminate foot valves. The check valve does not have to be in place to re-prime.


All Prime Pump Parts

Kerr can also assist you with All Prime pump parts that you need for pump repair and maintenance. Our expert pump service staff can help troubleshoot and repair your All Prime pumps keep them in prime working condition.



Let the Kerr Sales Engineers assist with the right All Prime pumps solution for your particular application.