Kerr Pump & Supply is the exclusive HELLAN® Strainers distributor for the municipal industry in the state of Michigan. Hellan is a leader in Automatic Cleaning Strainers, offering the most efficient inline cleanable strainer solutions on the market.

The Hellan Strainer Company manufactures a variety of manual and automatic self-cleaning strainers that allow for on-line screen cleaning. They are extremely popular due to their reliability, efficient operation and cost savings. Hellan Strainers remove all types of solids (such as algae, zebra mussels, sand, grit, debris, machine cutting chips, etc.) from various fluids.

Hellan Strainer’s patented self-cleaning system reduces downtime and saves your company money.  Hellan’s unique patented design with integral scraper brush and outside to in flow through the screen performs well in algae related applications. They are certified NSF 61 compliant.

Instead of trapping solids like conventional basket strainers (which necessitate frequent basket removal for cleaning), the Hellan Strainer discharges solids from the flow without disassembly. This reduces operational and maintenance costs and permits continuous flow of fluids.

Kerr offers Hellan Strainer parts and an extensive service department that can assist with any strainer repair that is needed. Our service technicians are fully insured, certified and factory trained to ensure your satisfaction. Kerr also supplies a wide range of pump accessories including filtration for pumps.

Kerr is a Hellan Strainers distributor in Michigan for the following Hellan Strainers solutions for Wastewater, Civil and Potable Water System applications:

Hellan Manual Cleaning Strainers

Manual cleaning strainers are available in sizes 1.5” to 20” in various configurations and materials of construction including cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, super duplex stainless steel and bronze.

Hellan Automatic Cleaning Strainers

Automatic cleaning strainers are available in sizes from 1.5” to 36” in seven configurations and materials of construction including cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, super duplex stainless steel and bronze.

Hellan Custom Fabricated Strainers

Custom Fabricated strainers are available through The Hellan Strainer Company’s SSI Fabricated Division. Many materials of construction and end configurations are available.

  • Simplex Basket strainers in sizes 2”-24” for applications where small amounts of material removal are needed. Many materials of construction and end configurations are available.
  • Temporary “witches hat” strainers for pipeline purging applications. Sizes from ¾” to 24” are available with pressure ratings up to 3600 psig @ 800°F. Standard materials of construction in carbon and stainless steel, monel and hastelloy.

Hellan Strainers Municipal Applications

In Municipal applications, Hellan Strainers are used for :

  • Belt filter presses for protection of spray nozzles
  • Membrane filters
  • Secondary effluent systems
  • Chlorinators, seal water, plant service water and foam control
  • RO systems
  • Inlet water–lakes, rivers, oceans
  • Heat exchangers–plate & frame
  • Cooling water systems
  • Seals–turbine lubricant water
  • Potable water

Hellan Strainers in Municipal Systems

Large Diameter Strainer – Hellan Strainer 20″ NPS Automatic Strainer in a waste water treatment plant in Texas.

Automatic Strainer – 6″ NPS Hellan Strainer Type DA used for effluent water nozzle protection at a waste water treatment plant.


Cooling Tower Water System – Hellan Strainer 8″ NPS Type DA Automatic Strainer used to protect the plate and frame heat exchanger for chill water air handlers.

Automatic Strainer Control Panel – Automatic Hellan strainers are equipped with motorized screens that can remotely cleaned using a simple control panel.

Hellan Strainer Brochures

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