Kerr Pump & Supply distributes Weinman brand pumps. When it comes to general industrial, municipal, commercial and building service pumps, Weinman is widely recognized for quality, efficiency and economy. Weinman pumps are particularly adept in HVAC and water service applications.

Founded in 1860, Weinman was the first American manufacturer of end suction and split case pumps. Today, as a Crane Pumps & Systems brand, Weinman pumping equipment and systems are widely found in boiler feed or booster service, chilled or hot water, cooling tower condensate and sprinkler, ice storage and liquid circulation. General water services include potable water transmission, sump and sewage ejection, municipal and industrial water treatment.

In addition to inventory, Kerr offers Weinman parts and a factory trained service department that can assist with any repair. Our service technicians are fully insured and available for all your service needs.

As a Weinman distributor, Kerr Pump & Supply offers the following Weinman products:

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