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Pump Parts

Kerr Pump & Supply stocks over $1 million in genuine OEM pump parts, accessories, seals, bearings, couplings and oil for all makes of equipment. We can be your single source supplier. Your unique delivery needs can be met by Kerr.

  • Responsive delivery – Same day or overnight shipment on parts in stock.
  • You know when your parts will be delivered with UPS computerized tracking of shipments.
  • Maintain maximum equipment up-time with our Inventory exchange program.
  • You can reduce your space and cost requirements for storing parts, as well as costly emergency parts shipment and slow mover obsolescence using our Custom stocking program.
  • Free Oil analysis.
  • Preventative maintenance schedule will maximize the life of equipment installed.
  • Insure continuation of your manufacturer’s warranty, and performance to specifications by using genuine OEM parts.

Contact Kerr today and we will be ready to assist you when parts are needed.