Kerr Pump and Supply offers industrial vacuum pump rentals used in a variety of industrial, medical, and chemical applications. With our broad range of sizes and technologies, we can help you find the correct vacuum pump for your process.

Why Rent an Industrial Vacuum Pump?

Industrial vacuum pump rentals are ideal for short term vacuum pump use.

  • Eliminate down time by quickly replacing a pump that is being repaired or rebuilt.
  • Quickly replace a failed unit.
  • Increase flexibility and production capacity without capital expenditures.
  • Rent a vacuum pump on a trial basis before you decide on a purchase.

Emergency Vacuum Pump Rentals Eliminate Downtime

Whenever an industrial vacuum pump is offline, an emergency rental will ensure that the process doesn’t come to a grinding halt. Kerr Pump offers Vacuum Pump rentals delivered same day for emergency situations and for short term vacuum pump use.

Seasonal Vacuum Pump Rentals for Increased Production Capacity and Output

Vacuum Pump Rentals help handle increased seasonal demand. Renting ensures that you have the most updated equipment available without the burden of storing or maintaining it, to take advantage of seasonal opportunities.

Try Before You Buy Vacuum Pump

Try before you buy – on any number of vacuum pump applications. If you need to decide on the right model, renting an industrial pump helps you make sure it is worth the purchase price.

Try out the full range of features within your facility to get a better idea of how it suits your needs. If your needs change, you have the flexibility to change to a different model, and you avoid the regular maintenance costs that come with owning the equipment.

Applications Where Industrial Vacuum Pump Rentals Are Used

Kerr provides the vacuum pump solutions expertise you need for your applications in the chemical, food processing, pharmaceutical and aerospace industries and more. A sampling of applications for industrial vacuum pumps includes a variety of distillation, industrial drying and evaporative processes such as:

  • Drying lettuce after washing by applying latent heat and changing the phase so the lettuce remains unaltered
  • Removing gas from bottles before beer bottle filling
  • Removing gases liberated during a plastic extrusion process (including volatile chemicals)
  • Addressing the hazards of hydrocarbons, along with some relatively toxic and flammable substances from chemical vapor deposition (CVD) furnaces on an aircraft manufacturing line

For these applications and many more, industrial vacuum pump rentals can be key to keeping the process running.

Rent the Right Industrial Vacuum Pump

The ideal type and size of industrial vacuum pump, seal construction, and material construction depends on the application.

Kerr is Michigan’s oldest and largest Vacuum Pump Distributor, with the experience to provide sizing and selection assistance. Kerr vacuum pump rental offers:

  • Oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps
  • Dry running claw pumps

Our most popular are MD Kinney’s

  • KVO150
  • KVO300
  • KVO700

Kerr Pump & Supply’s industrial vacuum rentals are:

  • 3 Phase, 230/460 volt
  • Flow rates ranging from 28 ACFM up to 455 ACFM
  • End pressures down to 29.3” HgV (15 Torr)
  • Optional STS liquid separator filter rental

Why Choose Kerr for Industrial Vacuum Pump Rental?

Get the best quality with our diverse selection of Vacuum Pump Rentals. Kerr Pump & Supply offers:

  • Monthly rates
  • Delivery to your facility
  • Optional startup assistance
  • Ready to use rentals with inlet filter and oil

Need an Industrial Vacuum Pump Rental?

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