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As a BJM Pumps distributor, Kerr Pump & Supply provides a wide variety of submersible pumps and parts for many applications. Unlike other pumps that pull liquid to the surface, submersible pumps are submerged in the pumping liquid below the floor, so they push fluid to the surface.

BJM Pumps (now a division of Industrial Flow Solutions) has been serving the industry since 1983 and has grown quickly by supplying quality pumps at a modest price. They specializes in submersible pumps for industrial and municipal de-watering and wastewater applications. BJM Pumps are designed for harsh environments such as those that involve abrasives, heavy solids, high temperatures or chemically corrosive fluids.

Kerr Pump & Supply distributes BJM submersible pumps for a range of operating conditions. Models are available for small abrasive solids, high head, high temperature, or severe (abrasive) duty. BJM Pumps solutions are MSHA approved and available in top discharge or side discharge models.

Whether it’s a replacement part or new solution, Kerr is confident that with BJM products, we will be able provide the best possible solution for your application.

Kerr is a BJM Pumps distributor in Michigan for the following:

BJM Submersible Dewatering Pumps

BJM Pumps offers High Performance Pumps, Sump Pumps, and Portable De-watering Pumps.

BJM Pumps® submersible de-watering pumps are ideal for use in construction, mining, and sump applications.

BJM Sewage & Solids Handling Pumps

Solve your toughest solids handling submersible pump challenges with BJM’s shredder pumps with patented RAD-AX® Dual Shredding Technology and tungsten carbide tip impeller.

BJM Sand, Sludge & Slurry Pumps

BJM Pumps’ submersible pumps are engineered specifically for the tough applications.

These include mining/coal mining, hydraulic fracking, mineral processing, steel production, drilling mud, slurry transport, sand and gravel, lime slurry or fly ash.

BJM Submersible Stainless Steel Pumps

BJM Pumps’ 316 stainless steel pumps offer maximum corrosion resistance to minimize repair and replacement costs.

Avoid environmental penalties that result from failed corroded cast iron pumps.

BJM High Temperature Pumps

BJM Pumps’ high temperature/high endurance pumps are constructed to handle water temperatures up to 200°F (93°C).

Durable and reliable to keep your production running, even in 24/7 continuous duty.

BJM Explosion Proof Pumps

Explosion proof pumps are designed for use in Class I, Division 1, Group C & D hazardous locations.

BJM Pumps manufactures a range of explosion proof slurry, solids handling and corrosion-resistant pumps that meet NFPA (70), NEC and OSHA requirements.

BJM Pumps Case Studies

Download detailed case studies to learn how others have utilized BJM Pumps.

KZE Series Steel Plant Case Study

HAZ Series Coal Mining Case Study

KZN Series Chemical Plant Case Study

Kerr and BJM’s Solution For Sump Waste For Nestle, Food Producer

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