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Netzsch Pumps

netsch-pumps-logoKerr Pump & Supply is an official distributor for NETZSCH Pumps, a worldwide family-owned business with 140 years of experience in technology and market leadership.  The professionals at Kerr Pump work with NETZSCH Group’s Independent Business Units to provide the best possible solution.

NETZSCH combines state-of-the-art technology with responsible use of all resources.  Kerr trusts them as a reliable partner. With more than 500,000 installed pumps, you can be sure that each order is handled quickly and the pump in your system operates reliably.


Kerr Pump & Supply offers the following NETZSCH products:

NEMO Progressing Cavity Pumps: Extensive industrial application range for continuous, pressure-stable, low-pulsation conveyance of almost any substance.

Multi Screw Pumps: With its own unique design, the pumps are designed to work with low to high lubricant fluids, low to high viscosity, shear sensitive and/or chemically aggressive media.

Dosing/Metering & Emptying: The S-Geometry used in NEMO® metering technology provides nearly shear-free conveyance and gentle handling of highly abrasive, viscous and filled products.  This metering technology is used in a broad range of applications.

TORNADO® Industrial Rotary Lobe Pump Systems: Versatile, stand-alone equipment used primarily in environmental technology and the chemical industry. These pumps handle almost any substance continuously and gently while metering in proportion to speed. The small space requirements and high power density are important advantages.

Grinding Systems: Use NETZSCH grinding systems wherever it is essential that solid matter in fluids be broken down for reliable prevention of pipe clogging and damage to downstream equipment.