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Ebara Fluid Handling

ebara-pump-logoKerr Pump & Supply is official distributor for EBARA Fluid Handling (EFH). Founded in 1912, EBARA Corporation is recognized as a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of industrial machinery with a predominant focus on the production of pumps, pumping systems and compressors for a wide range of applications, distributed by Kerr Pumps & Supply.

EBARA’s focused on the production of high pressure, large scale pumps and systems targeting specific applications in oil and gas, nuclear power, water and wastewater infrastructure industries. EBARA also has one of the most technologically advanced manufacturing plants for the mass production of small size pumps; including the D-series of cast iron pumps.

Kerr Pumps & Supply distributes the following EBARA Fluid Handling submersible pump products:

  • Industrial & Municipal pumps
  • Submersible & Surface pumps
  • Wet Pit & Dry Pit pumps
  • Water / Wastewater pumps
  • Self Priming Trash pumps
  • Centrifugal Multistage pumps
  • Utility pumps
  • Sump pumps
  • Jet pumps
  • Grinder pumps
  • Sludge pumps
  • Slurry pumps

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