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Grindex Quarry Water Sump Pump

Grindex Pumps Quarry Sump Water Case Study

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Whatever the conditions, you can rely on a Grindex pump to keep performing

Illinois isn’t exactly renowned for it’s placid weather conditions. The state often experiences snow storms that last for days, temperatures regularly plummet to zero Fahrenheit (-18C), and the state’s largest city, Chicago, is known as the windy city. This can cause big problems for pumps that are in operation around the clock, but not Grindex pumps, they can handle whatever the conditions throws at them 24/7.


Quarry sump water pumping
Pumping sump in a quarry is always challenging. The media collects dust, rocks and anything else that finds it’s way to the bottom of the pit. However, when you add adverse weather condition that, over the course of the year, can vary by as much as 90 Fahrenheit (50C), pumping can cause the best pumps problems.

Overflows, freezes and floods
At one quarry in Illinois, where two 58hp (43kW) pumps had to run 24/7, 365 days a year, engineers were faced with pump breakdown at least twice a year. The pumps had to perform in freezing conditions in order to stop the media discharge line from freezing. On top of this, pump breakdown also resulted in sump overflow and media would flood into an underground mine. Faced with bi-annual breakdowns of the existing pumps, engineers at the company were forced to make a decision on whether to rebuild the sump operation at extensive cost or try one final pumping solution.Grindex Quarry Water Sump Pump

Like for like provides much better results
Following discussions with Grindex pumps, engineers at the quarry finally decided that they would test the operation with a similar sized Grindex pump to see how it would cope with the conditions.

According to Dan Schaffer, general Manager at Grindex USA, “When the 58hp (43kW) Maxi H pump arrived on site there were a few raised eyebrows. Even though I had explained the air valve cooling process that keeps the pumps cool when running dry, some people still needed convincing. I’m happy to say they were won over.” Once placed in the sump, the pump was set to work. The Maxi H pump ran for two years without interruption until it was eventually raised for standard preventive maintenance. During this time another Maxi H pump was added to the sump as the engineers were so impressed with the results of the original Grindex pump.

The all-weather, all-condition pump.
“It’s always a good feeling when our customers witness what Grindex pumps can do. There is always a little scepticism when you explain just how great they are, but the `proof is in the pudding´ as they say. These really are all-weather, all-condition pumps, and they are still pumping as well today, as the day they were installed,” concludes Dan Schaffer.

Maxi H
The Grindex Maxi pumps are the second largest pumps in the Grindex drainage pump range. They are ideal for heavy duty drainage applications. The Maxi pumps can handle up to 3750 gpm (230 l/s) and can pump media up to heads of 350ft (100m).

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