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Canned Motor Pump Advantages – Safety Meets Efficiency

In Process Industries, there is an outstanding need for environmental safety at a reasonable cost, which creates a unique challenge. Companies must find and use reliable, efficient equipment that operates leak-free.


Canned motor pumps designed and manufactured by Teikoku and Chempump meet and exceed this challenge.  

Canned motor pumps provide several operating, maintenance, and performance advantages as well as inherent double containment for total fluid control. The pumps are designed with a minimum of components requiring monitoring or servicing. This allows them to efficiently operate for long periods of time between pre-planned maintenance intervals with no costly alignment procedures or external lubrication. Additionally, because canned motor pumps are sealless, they did not require dynamic seal adjustments, maintenance, or intensive seal support systems.

Canned Motor Pumps:

  • Have a true secondary containment
  • Reliable in operation and cost-efficiency
  • Continuing commitment to the environmental needs in every design
  • No leakage—handle toxic, explosive, expensive, hazardous, carcinogenic, and corrosive fluids without any possibility of emissions into the environment
  • Airtight, which is ideal for vacuum services or for fluids that react to contact with the atmosphere
  • Compact design where the motor and pump are a single unit, which takes up 1/3 of the space needed for the same size sealed pump
  • No alignment, hot or cold, is necessary
  • No grouting or elaborate foundation is needed
  • Quiet operation, because the pump does not need a fan to cool the motor
  • A thick shell container holds all rotating parts, which further dampens noise
  • There is No dynamic shaft seal, No mechanical seal, No gland packing
  • Significantly reduced numbe
    r of parts, Never an adjustment
  • Explosion-proof rated to handle conditions up to 5,000 psi in a variety of hazardous area classification, as certified by various third-party underwriters worldwide including Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL), Canadian Standards Association (CSA) as well as Japanese and European agencies
  • No external lubrication, because the pumped fluid provides cooling and lubrication of motor and bearings
  • No lubrication levels to check or maintain
  • Field repairable, because all wear parts are easily changed and enhanced with back pullout design
  • ANSI Sizes Available—Flange to flange mating pump casings are available across the range of Teikoku and Chempump offerings as well as a range of ANSI B73.3 compliant pumps for the ANSI Standard specified overall dimensions and performance criteria
  • Replacement of existing sealed pumps is simple! With the range of sizes and types available, changes can be consistent with existing process conditions, hardware and instruments, and performance
  • All Pumps Are Performance Tested! All pump components are manufactured by Teikoku and Chempump, adhering to strict statistical quality control tolerances. Every Teikoku pump and motor are 100% performance-tested before shipment with special testing capabilities

Canned Motor Pumps vs Centrifugal Pumps

  • Canned Motor Pump is Single Motor & Pump Combination
  • No mechanical seals—Eliminates faulty seals, which can cause a process shutdown upon failure
  • No secondary containment
  • No time-consuming maintenance, because Canned Motor Pumps do NOT have motor and pedestal bearing lubrication levels that need to be consistently monitored and maintained
  • Never a need to align hot or cold, because motor windings are sealed from environment
  • No special foundation for operation is required, because Canned Motor Pumps are smaller and weigh less than conventionally sealed pumps, and can never be misaligned
  • Reduced Noise Levels—All extra sources of noise are eliminated with Canned Motor Pumps. There are no motor cooling fans required and all rotating parts, such as coupled shafts and bearing pedestal assemblies, are eliminated, which greatly reduces noise
  • Eliminates Regularly Required Emissions Inspections & Reporting– Canned Motor Pumps cannot leak, which makes the expensive and time-consuming government and company emission monitoring, record keeping, and reporting unnecessary

Canned Motor Pumps vs Magnetic Drive Pumps

  • Standard mag drive pumps have no secondary containment, while secondary containment is standard in Canned Motor Pumps. Because of this, the environment is protected and safety is maintained as the containment shell is not subject to damage by rotating parts like magnets. This eliminates the possibility for subsequent leakage
  • Canned Motor Pump are single motor and pump combination, so there is no need to align to hot or cold. Motor windings are sealed and not subject to environmental factors
  • No special foundation is required because canned motor pumps are smaller and weigh less than conventionally sealed pumps and can never be misaligned
  • Canned Motor Pumps feature only two, maintenance-free bearings, while pedestal mounted mag drive pumps have a minimum of six bearings to support all rotating components. The increased number of bearings must be checked frequently for proper lubrication and critical tolerance dimensions. Bearings within the single containment shell of mag drive pumps cannot be monitored at the same level as the Canned Motor Pump bearings
  • Reduced Noise Levels—All extra sources of noise are eliminated with canned motor pumps. There are no motor cooling fans required and all rotating parts, such as coupled shafts and bearing pedestal assemblies, are eliminated, which greatly decreases the noise

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