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The popular Detroit Zoo Beaver Exhibit was made possible with Kerr Pump’s help.

The Beaver home at the Detroit Zoo is much more complicated than their normal homes – actually it’s a $2 million lodge. Kerr Pump & Supply, working with JC Beal as head contractor, helped make it all possible. Here’s a peak behind the scenes of Kerr’s involvement.

How much water is pumped?

• 25,000 gallons behind that extra strong glass wall that allows visitors to view the beavers even under water.

What 4 pumps are used?

AMT Trash Pump – Separates the solids from the water and transfers the solids out to the dumpster, while reusing the water.
Aurora Filtration Pump that removes the contaminants from the water and recirculates the filtered water again.
• Vertiflo Trash & Transfer pump that does what it says – removes any trash that may end up in the beaver’s home.
Pentair Ozone Booster pump that re oxygenates the water so the beavers can breathe under water.

Detroit Zoo Beaver Exhibit Waterfall This is all part of an extensive water circulation “life-support system” that purifies the water and pumps it back to the beaver pond. The water needs to be pumped through 700 feet of underground piping at 600 gallons per minute. This same system creates the stream flow and waterfall.

Kerr Pump is proud to have been a part of the 32 construction contractors that made the Beaver Exhibit comfortable, safe and sound for the Beavers, and enjoyable and educational for the visitors.

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